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class Foption_t


Histogram fit options structure.

Function Members (Methods)

Data Members

intBound"B" Some or all parameters are bounded
intErrors"E" Performs a better error evaluation, calling HESSE and MINOS
intGradient"G" Option to compute derivatives analytically
intIntegral"I" Use function integral instead of function in center of bin
intLike"L" Use Log Likelihood. Default is chisquare method
intMinuit"F" If fitting a polN, switch to minuit fitter
intMore"M" Improve fit results.
intNochisq"C" In case of linear fitting, don't calculate the chisquare
intNograph"0" If set, do not display the function graph
intNostore"N" If set, do not store the function graph
intPlus"+" Add new function (default is replace)
intQuiet"Q" Quiet mode. No print
intRange"R" Use the range stored in function
intRobust"ROB" For a TGraph use robust fitting
intUser"U" Use a User specified fitting algorithm (via SetFCN)
intVerbose"V" Verbose mode. Print results after each iteration
intW1"W" Set all the weights to 1. Ignore error bars
doublehRobustvalue of h parameter used in robust fitting

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