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class RooIntegratorBinding: public RooAbsFunc

Function binding representing the output of a RooAbsIntegrator

Function Members (Methods)

Data Members

UInt_tRooAbsFunc::_dimensionNumber of observables
RooAbsIntegrator*_integratorNumeric integrator
Int_tRooAbsFunc::_ncallFunction call counter
Bool_tRooAbsFunc::_validIs binding in valid state?

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Function documentation

RooIntegratorBinding(RooAbsIntegrator& integrator)
virtual ~RooIntegratorBinding()
Double_t operator()(const Double_t* xvector) const
{ _ncall++ ; return _integrator->integral(xvector) ; }
Double_t getMinLimit(UInt_t index) const
{ return _integrator->integrand()->getMinLimit(index+1); }
Double_t getMaxLimit(UInt_t index) const
{ return _integrator->integrand()->getMaxLimit(index+1); }