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class TPave: public TBox

 a PAVE is a TBox with a bordersize and a shadow option
 The corners of a TPave can be rounded (option "arc")
 More functional objects like TPavelabel, TPaveText derive from TPave.

/* */

Function Members (Methods)

TPave(const TPave& pave)
TPave(Double_t x1, Double_t y1, Double_t x2, Double_t y2, Int_t bordersize = 4, Option_t* option = "br")
voidTObject::AbstractMethod(const char* method) const
virtual voidTObject::AppendPad(Option_t* option = "")
virtual voidTObject::Browse(TBrowser* b)
static TClass*Class()
static TClass*TBox::Class()
static TClass*TAttFill::Class()
static TClass*TAttLine::Class()
static TClass*TObject::Class()
virtual const char*TObject::ClassName() const
virtual voidTObject::Clear(Option_t* = "")
virtual TObject*TObject::Clone(const char* newname = "") const
virtual Int_tTObject::Compare(const TObject* obj) const
virtual voidConvertNDCtoPad()
virtual voidCopy(TObject& pave) const
virtual voidTBox::Copy(TObject& box) const
voidTAttFill::Copy(TAttFill& attfill) const
voidTAttLine::Copy(TAttLine& attline) const
virtual voidTObject::Copy(TObject& object) const
virtual voidTObject::Delete(Option_t* option = "")MENU
Int_tTAttLine::DistancetoLine(Int_t px, Int_t py, Double_t xp1, Double_t yp1, Double_t xp2, Double_t yp2)
virtual Int_tDistancetoPrimitive(Int_t px, Int_t py)
virtual Int_tTBox::DistancetoPrimitive(Int_t px, Int_t py)
virtual Int_tTObject::DistancetoPrimitive(Int_t px, Int_t py)
virtual voidDraw(Option_t* option = "")
virtual voidTBox::Draw(Option_t* option = "")
virtual voidTObject::Draw(Option_t* option = "")
virtual TBox*TBox::DrawBox(Double_t x1, Double_t y1, Double_t x2, Double_t y2)
virtual voidTObject::DrawClass() constMENU
virtual TObject*TObject::DrawClone(Option_t* option = "") constMENU
virtual voidDrawPave(Double_t x1, Double_t y1, Double_t x2, Double_t y2, Int_t bordersize = 4, Option_t* option = "br")
virtual voidTObject::Dump() constMENU
virtual voidTObject::Error(const char* method, const char* msgfmt) const
virtual voidTObject::Execute(const char* method, const char* params, Int_t* error = 0)
virtual voidTObject::Execute(TMethod* method, TObjArray* params, Int_t* error = 0)
virtual voidExecuteEvent(Int_t event, Int_t px, Int_t py)
virtual voidTBox::ExecuteEvent(Int_t event, Int_t px, Int_t py)
virtual voidTObject::ExecuteEvent(Int_t event, Int_t px, Int_t py)
virtual voidTObject::Fatal(const char* method, const char* msgfmt) const
virtual TObject*TObject::FindObject(const char* name) const
virtual TObject*TObject::FindObject(const TObject* obj) const
Int_tGetBorderSize() const
Double_tGetCornerRadius() const
virtual Option_t*TObject::GetDrawOption() const
static Long_tTObject::GetDtorOnly()
virtual Color_tTAttFill::GetFillColor() const
virtual Style_tTAttFill::GetFillStyle() const
virtual const char*TObject::GetIconName() const
virtual Color_tTAttLine::GetLineColor() const
virtual Style_tTAttLine::GetLineStyle() const
virtual Width_tTAttLine::GetLineWidth() const
virtual Option_t*GetName() const
virtual const char*TObject::GetName() const
virtual char*TObject::GetObjectInfo(Int_t px, Int_t py) const
static Bool_tTObject::GetObjectStat()
virtual Option_t*GetOption() const
virtual Option_t*TObject::GetOption() const
Int_tGetShadowColor() const
virtual const char*TObject::GetTitle() const
virtual UInt_tTObject::GetUniqueID() const
Double_tTBox::GetX1() const
Double_tGetX1NDC() const
Double_tTBox::GetX2() const
Double_tGetX2NDC() const
Double_tTBox::GetY1() const
Double_tGetY1NDC() const
Double_tTBox::GetY2() const
Double_tGetY2NDC() const
virtual Bool_tTObject::HandleTimer(TTimer* timer)
virtual ULong_tHash() const
virtual ULong_tTObject::Hash() const
virtual voidTBox::HideToolTip(Int_t event)
virtual voidTObject::Info(const char* method, const char* msgfmt) const
virtual Bool_tTObject::InheritsFrom(const char* classname) const
virtual Bool_tTObject::InheritsFrom(const TClass* cl) const
virtual voidTObject::Inspect() constMENU
voidTObject::InvertBit(UInt_t f)
virtual TClass*IsA() const
virtual TClass*TBox::IsA() const
virtual TClass*TAttFill::IsA() const
virtual TClass*TAttLine::IsA() const
virtual TClass*TObject::IsA() const
Bool_tTBox::IsBeingResized() const
virtual Bool_tTObject::IsEqual(const TObject* obj) const
virtual Bool_tTObject::IsFolder() const
Bool_tTObject::IsOnHeap() const
virtual Bool_tIsSortable() const
virtual Bool_tTObject::IsSortable() const
virtual Bool_tTAttFill::IsTransparent() const
Bool_tTObject::IsZombie() const
virtual voidls(Option_t* option = "") const
virtual voidTBox::ls(Option_t* option = "") const
virtual voidTObject::ls(Option_t* option = "") const
voidTObject::MayNotUse(const char* method) const
virtual voidTAttFill::Modify()
virtual voidTAttLine::Modify()
virtual Bool_tTObject::Notify()
static voidTObject::operator delete(void* ptr)
static voidTObject::operator delete(void* ptr, void* vp)
static voidTObject::operator delete[](void* ptr)
static voidTObject::operator delete[](void* ptr, void* vp)
void*TObject::operator new(size_t sz)
void*TObject::operator new(size_t sz, void* vp)
void*TObject::operator new[](size_t sz)
void*TObject::operator new[](size_t sz, void* vp)
TPave&operator=(const TPave&)
TBox&TBox::operator=(const TBox&)
TAttFill&TAttFill::operator=(const TAttFill&)
TAttLine&TAttLine::operator=(const TAttLine&)
TObject&TObject::operator=(const TObject& rhs)
virtual voidPaint(Option_t* option = "")
virtual voidTBox::Paint(Option_t* option = "")
virtual voidTObject::Paint(Option_t* option = "")
virtual voidTBox::PaintBox(Double_t x1, Double_t y1, Double_t x2, Double_t y2, Option_t* option = "")
virtual voidPaintPave(Double_t x1, Double_t y1, Double_t x2, Double_t y2, Int_t bordersize = 4, Option_t* option = "br")
virtual voidPaintPaveArc(Double_t x1, Double_t y1, Double_t x2, Double_t y2, Int_t bordersize = 4, Option_t* option = "br")
virtual voidTObject::Pop()
virtual voidPrint(Option_t* option = "") const
virtual voidTBox::Print(Option_t* option = "") const
virtual voidTObject::Print(Option_t* option = "") const
virtual Int_tTObject::Read(const char* name)
virtual voidTObject::RecursiveRemove(TObject* obj)
virtual voidTAttFill::ResetAttFill(Option_t* option = "")
virtual voidTAttLine::ResetAttLine(Option_t* option = "")
voidTObject::ResetBit(UInt_t f)
virtual voidTObject::SaveAs(const char* filename = "", Option_t* option = "") constMENU
virtual voidTAttFill::SaveFillAttributes(ostream& out, const char* name, Int_t coldef = 1, Int_t stydef = 1001)
virtual voidTAttLine::SaveLineAttributes(ostream& out, const char* name, Int_t coldef = 1, Int_t stydef = 1, Int_t widdef = 1)
virtual voidSavePrimitive(ostream& out, Option_t* option = "")
virtual voidTBox::SavePrimitive(ostream& out, Option_t* option = "")
virtual voidTObject::SavePrimitive(basic_ostream<char,char_traits<char> >& out, Option_t* option = "")
voidTObject::SetBit(UInt_t f)
voidTObject::SetBit(UInt_t f, Bool_t set)
virtual voidSetBorderSize(Int_t bordersize = 4)MENU
virtual voidSetCornerRadius(Double_t rad = 0.2)MENU
virtual voidTObject::SetDrawOption(Option_t* option = "")MENU
static voidTObject::SetDtorOnly(void* obj)
virtual voidTAttFill::SetFillAttributes()MENU
virtual voidTAttFill::SetFillColor(Color_t fcolor)
virtual voidTAttFill::SetFillStyle(Style_t fstyle)
virtual voidTAttLine::SetLineAttributes()MENU
virtual voidTAttLine::SetLineColor(Color_t lcolor)
virtual voidTAttLine::SetLineStyle(Style_t lstyle)
virtual voidTAttLine::SetLineWidth(Width_t lwidth)
virtual voidSetName(const char* name = "")MENU
static voidTObject::SetObjectStat(Bool_t stat)
virtual voidSetOption(Option_t* option = "br")
virtual voidSetShadowColor(Int_t color)MENU
virtual voidTBox::SetToolTipText(const char* text, Long_t delayms = 1000)
virtual voidTObject::SetUniqueID(UInt_t uid)
virtual voidTBox::SetX1(Double_t x1)
virtual voidSetX1NDC(Double_t x1)
virtual voidTBox::SetX2(Double_t x2)
virtual voidSetX2NDC(Double_t x2)
virtual voidTBox::SetY1(Double_t y1)
virtual voidSetY1NDC(Double_t y1)
virtual voidTBox::SetY2(Double_t y2)
virtual voidSetY2NDC(Double_t y2)
virtual voidShowMembers(TMemberInspector& insp, char* parent)
virtual voidTBox::ShowMembers(TMemberInspector& insp, char* parent)
virtual voidTAttFill::ShowMembers(TMemberInspector& insp, char* parent)
virtual voidTAttLine::ShowMembers(TMemberInspector& insp, char* parent)
virtual voidTObject::ShowMembers(TMemberInspector& insp, char* parent)
virtual voidStreamer(TBuffer& b)
voidStreamerNVirtual(TBuffer& b)
voidTBox::StreamerNVirtual(TBuffer& b)
voidTAttFill::StreamerNVirtual(TBuffer& b)
voidTAttLine::StreamerNVirtual(TBuffer& b)
voidTObject::StreamerNVirtual(TBuffer& b)
virtual voidTObject::SysError(const char* method, const char* msgfmt) const
Bool_tTObject::TestBit(UInt_t f) const
Int_tTObject::TestBits(UInt_t f) const
virtual voidTObject::UseCurrentStyle()
virtual voidTObject::Warning(const char* method, const char* msgfmt) const
virtual Int_tTObject::Write(const char* name = 0, Int_t option = 0, Int_t bufsize = 0)
virtual Int_tTObject::Write(const char* name = 0, Int_t option = 0, Int_t bufsize = 0) const
virtual voidTObject::DoError(int level, const char* location, const char* fmt, va_list va) const

Data Members

enum { kNameIsAction
enum TBox::[unnamed] { kCannotMove
enum TObject::EStatusBits { kCanDelete
enum TObject::[unnamed] { kIsOnHeap
Int_tfBorderSizewindow box bordersize in pixels
Double_tfCornerRadiusCorner radius in case of option arc
Color_tTAttFill::fFillColorfill area color
Style_tTAttFill::fFillStylefill area style
Int_tfInit(=0 if transformation to NDC not yet done)
Color_tTAttLine::fLineColorline color
Style_tTAttLine::fLineStyleline style
Width_tTAttLine::fLineWidthline width
TStringfNamePave name
TStringfOptionPave style
Bool_tTBox::fResizing!True if box is being resized
Int_tfShadowColorColor of the pave's shadow
Double_tTBox::fX1X of 1st point
Double_tfX1NDCX1 point in NDC coordinates
Double_tTBox::fX2X of 2nd point
Double_tfX2NDCX2 point in NDC coordinates
Double_tTBox::fY1Y of 1st point
Double_tfY1NDCY1 point in NDC coordinates
Double_tTBox::fY2Y of 2nd point
Double_tfY2NDCY2 point in NDC coordinates

Class Charts

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Class Charts

Function documentation

 Pave default constructor.
TPave(Double_t x1, Double_t y1, Double_t x2, Double_t y2, Int_t bordersize = 4, Option_t* option = "br")
 Pave normal constructor.

 a PAVE is a box with a bordersize and a shadow option
 the bordersize is in pixels
  option = "T" Top frame
  option = "B" Bottom frame
  option = "R" Right frame
  option = "L" Left frame
  option = "NDC" x1,y1,x2,y2 are given in NDC
  option = "ARC" corners are rounded

  Because TPave objects (and objects deriving from TPave) have their
  master coordinate system in NDC, one cannot use the TBox functions
  SetX1,SetY1,SetX2,SetY2 to change the corner coordinates. One should use
  instead SetX1NDC, SetY1NDC, SetX2NDC, SetY2NDC.
 Pave default destructor.
TPave(const TPave& pave)
 Pave copy constructor.
void ConvertNDCtoPad()
 Convert pave coordinates from NDC to Pad coordinates.
void Copy(TObject& pave) const
 Copy this pave to pave.
Int_t DistancetoPrimitive(Int_t px, Int_t py)
 Compute distance from point px,py to a pave.

 Compute the closest distance of approach from point px,py to the
 edges of this pave.
 The distance is computed in pixels units.
void Draw(Option_t* option = "")
 Draw this pave with its current attributes.
void DrawPave(Double_t x1, Double_t y1, Double_t x2, Double_t y2, Int_t bordersize = 4, Option_t* option = "br")
 Draw this pave with new coordinates.
void ExecuteEvent(Int_t event, Int_t px, Int_t py)
 Execute action corresponding to one event.

  This member function is called when a PAVE object is clicked.
void ls(Option_t* option = "") const
 List this pave with its attributes.
void Paint(Option_t* option = "")
 Paint this pave with its current attributes.

  option = "T" Top frame
  option = "B" Bottom frame
  option = "R" Right frame
  option = "L" Left frame
  option = "NDC" x1,y1,x2,y2 are given in NDC
  option = "ARC" corners are rounded
      In case of option "ARC", the corner radius is specified
      via TPave::SetCornerRadius(rad) where rad is given in percent
      of the pave height (default value is 0.2).
void PaintPave(Double_t x1, Double_t y1, Double_t x2, Double_t y2, Int_t bordersize = 4, Option_t* option = "br")
 Draw this pave with new coordinates.
void PaintPaveArc(Double_t x1, Double_t y1, Double_t x2, Double_t y2, Int_t bordersize = 4, Option_t* option = "br")
 Draw this pave with rounded corners.
void Print(Option_t* option = "") const
 Dump this pave with its attributes.
void SavePrimitive(ostream& out, Option_t* option = "")
 Save primitive as a C++ statement(s) on output stream out
void Streamer(TBuffer& b)
 Stream an object of class TPave.
Int_t GetBorderSize() const
{ return fBorderSize;}
Double_t GetCornerRadius() const
{return fCornerRadius;}
Option_t * GetName() const
{return fName.Data();}
Option_t * GetOption() const
{return fOption.Data();}
Int_t GetShadowColor() const
{return fShadowColor;}
Double_t GetX1NDC() const
{return fX1NDC;}
Double_t GetX2NDC() const
{return fX2NDC;}
Double_t GetY1NDC() const
{return fY1NDC;}
Double_t GetY2NDC() const
{return fY2NDC;}
ULong_t Hash() const
{ return fName.Hash(); }
Bool_t IsSortable() const
{ return kTRUE; }
void SetBorderSize(Int_t bordersize = 4)
{fBorderSize = bordersize;}
void SetCornerRadius(Double_t rad = 0.2)
{fCornerRadius = rad;}
void SetName(const char* name = "")
{fName = name;}
void SetOption(Option_t* option = "br")
{fOption = option;}
void SetShadowColor(Int_t color)
void SetX1NDC(Double_t x1)
void SetX2NDC(Double_t x2)
void SetY1NDC(Double_t y1)
void SetY2NDC(Double_t y2)