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class RooInvTransform: public RooAbsFunc

Lightweight function binding that returns the inverse of an input function binding Apply the change of variables transformation x -> 1/x to the input function and its range. The function must be one dimensional and its range cannot include zero.

Function Members (Methods)

RooInvTransform(const RooAbsFunc& func)
RooInvTransform(const RooInvTransform&)
static TClass*Class()
UInt_tRooAbsFunc::getDimension() const
virtual Double_tgetMaxLimit(UInt_t index) const
virtual Double_tgetMinLimit(UInt_t index) const
virtual const char*RooAbsFunc::getName() const
virtual TClass*IsA() const
Bool_tRooAbsFunc::isValid() const
Int_tRooAbsFunc::numCall() const
virtual Double_toperator()(const Double_t* xvector) const
RooAbsFunc&RooAbsFunc::operator=(const RooAbsFunc&)
virtual list<Double_t>*RooAbsFunc::plotSamplingHint(RooAbsRealLValue&, Double_t, Double_t) const
voidRooAbsFunc::resetNumCall() const
virtual voidRooAbsFunc::restoreXVec() const
virtual voidRooAbsFunc::saveXVec() const
virtual voidShowMembers(TMemberInspector& insp, char* parent)
virtual voidStreamer(TBuffer& b)
voidStreamerNVirtual(TBuffer& b)

Data Members

UInt_tRooAbsFunc::_dimensionNumber of observables
const RooAbsFunc*_funcInput function binding
Int_tRooAbsFunc::_ncallFunction call counter
Bool_tRooAbsFunc::_validIs binding in valid state?

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Function documentation

RooInvTransform(const RooAbsFunc &func)
RooInvTransform(const RooAbsFunc &func)
virtual ~RooInvTransform()
{ }
Double_t operator()(const Double_t* xvector) const
Double_t getMinLimit(UInt_t index) const
{ return 1/_func->getMaxLimit(index); }
Double_t getMaxLimit(UInt_t index) const
{ return 1/_func->getMinLimit(index); }