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class TGFileInfo


This class creates a file selection dialog. It contains a combo box
to select the desired directory. A listview with the different
files in the current directory and a combo box with which you can
select a filter (on file extensions).
When creating a file dialog one passes a pointer to a TGFileInfo
object. In this object you can set the fFileTypes and fIniDir to
specify the list of file types for the filter combo box and the
initial directory. When the TGFileDialog ctor returns the selected
file name can be found in the TGFileInfo::fFilename field and the
selected directory in TGFileInfo::fIniDir. The fFilename and
fIniDir are deleted by the TGFileInfo dtor.

Function Members (Methods)

Data Members

TList*fFileNamesListlist of selected file names
Int_tfFileTypeIdxselected file type, index in fFileTypes
const char**fFileTypesfile types used to filter selectable files
char*fFilenameselected file name
char*fIniDiron input: initial directory, on output: new directory
Bool_tfMultipleSelectionif true, allow multiple file selection
Bool_tfOverwriteif true overwrite the file with existing name on save

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Function documentation

TGFileInfo(const TGFileInfo& )
TGFileInfo& operator=(const TGFileInfo& )
{ }
void SetMultipleSelection(Bool_t option)