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class TIndexTable::iterator

 Class TIndexTable
 Iterator of the table with extra index array

Function Members (Methods)

Data Members

const int*fCurrentRow
const TTable*fTable

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Function documentation

iterator(const TTable& t, const int& rowPtr)
iterator(const TTable &t)
iterator(const iterator& iter)
iterator & operator=(const TIndexTable::iterator& iter)
{fTable = iter.fTable; fCurrentRow = iter.fCurrentRow; return *this;}
iterator & operator++()
{ if (fCurrentRow) ++fCurrentRow; return *this;}
void operator++(int )
iterator & operator--()
{ if (fCurrentRow) --fCurrentRow; return *this;}
void operator--(int )
iterator & operator+(Int_t idx)
{ if (fCurrentRow) fCurrentRow+=idx; return *this;}
iterator & operator-(Int_t idx)
{ if (fCurrentRow) fCurrentRow-=idx; return *this;}
Int_t operator-(const iterator &it)
{ return (fCurrentRow-it.fCurrentRow)/sizeof(int); }
operator int()
{ return *fCurrentRow;}
Bool_t operator==(const TIndexTable::iterator& t) const
{ return (fCurrentRow == t.fCurrentRow); }
Bool_t operator!=(const TIndexTable::iterator& t) const
{ return !operator==(t); }