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class TQtClientWidget: public QFrame

 TQtClientWidget  is a QFrame implemantation backing  ROOT TGWindow objects
 It tries to mimic the X11 Widget behaviour, that kind the ROOT Gui relies on heavily.

Function Members (Methods)

virtual voidAccelerate()
EMouseButtonButton() const
UInt_tButtonEventMask() const
UInt_tButtonMask() const
static TClass*Class()
virtual voidcloseEvent(QCloseEvent* ev)
TQtWidget*GetCanvasWidget() const
QCursor*GrabButtonCursor() const
voidGrabEvent(Event_t& ev, bool own = TRUE)
QCursor*GrabPointerCursor() const
virtual TClass*IsA() const
UInt_tIsEventSelected(UInt_t evmask) const
boolIsGrabbed(Event_t& ev)
boolIsGrabButtonSelected(UInt_t evmask) const
boolIsGrabPointerSelected(UInt_t evmask) const
TQtClientWidget*IsKeyGrabbed(const Event_t& ev)
UInt_tPointerMask() const
UInt_tSelectEventMask() const
voidSelectInput(UInt_t evmask)
voidSetAttributeEventMask(UInt_t evmask)
voidSetButtonEventMask(UInt_t evmask, Cursor_t crsr = 0)
voidSetButtonMask(UInt_t modifier = kAnyModifier, EMouseButton button = kAnyButton)
voidSetClosing(bool flag = kTRUE)
voidSetCursor(Cursor_t crsr)
voidSetDeleteNotify(bool flag = true)
virtual voidsetEraseColor(const QColor& color)
virtual voidsetErasePixmap(const QPixmap& pixmap)
Bool_tSetKeyMask(Int_t keycode = 0, UInt_t modifier = kAnyModifier, int insert = kInsert)
virtual voidShowMembers(TMemberInspector& insp, char* parent)
virtual voidStreamer(TBuffer& b)
voidStreamerNVirtual(TBuffer& b)
voidUnSetButtonMask(bool dtor = false)
voidUnSetKeyMask(Int_t keycode = 0, UInt_t modifier = kAnyModifier)
TQtClientWidget(TQtClientGuard* guard, int* parent = 0, const char* name = 0, int f = 0)
virtual voidpaintEvent(QPaintEvent*)
voidSetCanvasWidget(TQtWidget* widget)

Data Members

enum { kRemove
QColor*fEraseColorColor to paint widget background with our PainEvent
QPixmap*fErasePixmappixmap to paint widget background with our PainEvent
UInt_tfGrabButtonMaskmodifier button mask for TVirtualX::GrabButton
UInt_tfGrabEventButtonMaskinput event mask for TVirtualX::GrabButton
UInt_tfGrabEventPointerMaskinput event mask for TVirtualX::GrabPointer
TGWindow*fMyRootWindowback pointer to the host window object
UInt_tfSaveSelectInputMaskTo save dutinr the grabbing the selectInput
UInt_tfSelectEventMaskinput mask for SelectInput

Class Charts

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Class Charts

Function documentation

bool DeleteNotify()
{return fDeleteNotify; }
TQtWidget * GetCanvasWidget() const
{ return fCanvasWidget;}
bool IsClosing()
{ return fIsClosing; }
UInt_t IsEventSelected(UInt_t evmask) const
void SetCursor()
void SetCursor(Cursor_t crsr)
void SetClosing(bool flag = kTRUE)
{ fIsClosing = flag;}
void SetDeleteNotify(bool flag = true)
{fDeleteNotify = flag;}
void SetAttributeEventMask(UInt_t evmask)
{ SelectInput (evmask);}
void SetButtonEventMask(UInt_t evmask, Cursor_t crsr = 0)
{ fGrabEventButtonMask = evmask; fGrabButtonCursor =(QCursor *) crsr; }
EMouseButton Button() const
{ return fButton; }
UInt_t ButtonEventMask() const
UInt_t ButtonMask() const
{ return fGrabButtonMask; }
UInt_t PointerMask() const
UInt_t SelectEventMask() const
QCursor * GrabButtonCursor() const
{ return fGrabButtonCursor; }
QCursor * GrabPointerCursor() const
{ return fGrabPointerCursor; }
bool IsGrabPointerSelected(UInt_t evmask) const
{ return evmask & PointerMask(); }
bool IsGrabButtonSelected(UInt_t evmask) const
{ return evmask & ButtonEventMask(); }
void operator=(const TQtClientWidget& )
TQtClientWidget(const TQtClientWidget& )
TQtClientWidget(TQtClientGuard* guard, int* parent = 0, const char* name = 0, int f = 0)
void SetCanvasWidget(TQtWidget* widget)
void paintEvent(QPaintEvent* )
virtual ~TQtClientWidget()
void closeEvent(QCloseEvent* ev)
void setEraseColor(const QColor& color)
void setErasePixmap(const QPixmap& pixmap)
void GrabEvent(Event_t& ev, bool own = TRUE)
    Q3Accel *HasAccel() const ;
bool IsGrabbed(Event_t& ev)
TQtClientWidget * IsKeyGrabbed(const Event_t& ev)
bool IsGrabOwner()
{ return fPointerOwner;}
void SetButtonMask(UInt_t modifier = kAnyModifier, EMouseButton button = kAnyButton)
void SelectInput(UInt_t evmask)
Bool_t SetKeyMask(Int_t keycode = 0, UInt_t modifier = kAnyModifier, int insert = kInsert)
void UnSetButtonMask(bool dtor = false)
void UnSetKeyMask(Int_t keycode = 0, UInt_t modifier = kAnyModifier)
void Accelerate()