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// @(#)root/rint:$Id: TRint.h 20882 2007-11-19 11:31:26Z rdm $
// Author: Rene Brun   17/02/95

 * Copyright (C) 1995-2000, Rene Brun and Fons Rademakers.               *
 * All rights reserved.                                                  *
 *                                                                       *
 * For the licensing terms see $ROOTSYS/LICENSE.                         *
 * For the list of contributors see $ROOTSYS/README/CREDITS.             *

#ifndef ROOT_TRint
#define ROOT_TRint

//                                                                      //
// Rint                                                                 //
//                                                                      //
// Rint is the ROOT Interactive Interface. It allows interactive access //
// to the ROOT system via a C++ interpreter.                            //
//                                                                      //

#ifndef ROOT_TApplication
#include "TApplication.h"
#ifndef ROOT_TString
#include "TString.h"

class TFileHandler;

class TRint : public TApplication {

   Int_t         fNcmd;               // command history number
   TString       fDefaultPrompt;      // default prompt: "root [%d] "
   char          fPrompt[64];         // interpreter prompt
   Bool_t        fInterrupt;          // if true macro execution will be stopped
   TFileHandler *fInputHandler;       // terminal input handler

   TRint(const TRint&);               // not implemented
   TRint& operator=(const TRint&);    // not implemented

   void    ExecLogon();
   Long_t  ProcessRemote(const char *line, Int_t *error = 0);

   TRint(const char *appClassName, int *argc, char **argv,
         void *options = 0, int numOptions = 0, Bool_t noLogo = kFALSE);
   virtual             ~TRint();
   virtual char       *GetPrompt();
   virtual const char *SetPrompt(const char *newPrompt);
   virtual void        SetEchoMode(Bool_t mode);
   virtual void        HandleException(Int_t sig);
   virtual Bool_t      HandleTermInput();
   virtual void        PrintLogo(Bool_t lite = kFALSE);
   virtual void        Run(Bool_t retrn = kFALSE);
   virtual void        Terminate(int status);
           void        Interrupt() { fInterrupt = kTRUE; }

   ClassDef(TRint,0);  //ROOT Interactive Application Interface