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class TGLClipPlane: public TGLClip


Concrete clip plane object. This can be translated in all directions
rotated about the Y/Z local axes (the in-plane axes). It cannot be

Function Members (Methods)

voidTGLPhysicalShape::AddReference(TGLPShapeRef* ref)
const TGLBoundingBox&TGLPhysicalShape::BoundingBox() const
virtual voidTGLPhysicalShape::CalculateShapeLOD(TGLRnrCtx& rnrCtx, Float_t& pixSize, Short_t& shapeLOD) const
static TClass*Class()
const Float_t*TGLPhysicalShape::Color() const
virtual voidTGLClip::Draw(TGLRnrCtx& rnrCtx) const
const TGLLogicalShape*TGLPhysicalShape::GetLogical() const
TGLPhysicalShape::EManipTGLPhysicalShape::GetManip() const
TGLClip::EModeTGLClip::GetMode() const
const TGLPhysicalShape*TGLPhysicalShape::GetNextPhysical() const
TGLVector3TGLPhysicalShape::GetScale() const
UChar_tTGLPhysicalShape::GetSelected() const
TGLVertex3TGLPhysicalShape::GetTranslation() const
UInt_tTGLPhysicalShape::ID() const
voidTGLPhysicalShape::InvokeContextMenu(TContextMenu& menu, UInt_t x, UInt_t y) const
virtual TClass*IsA() const
Bool_tTGLPhysicalShape::IsInvisible() const
Bool_tTGLPhysicalShape::IsModified() const
Bool_tTGLPhysicalShape::IsSelected() const
Bool_tTGLPhysicalShape::IsTransparent() const
Bool_tTGLClip::IsValid() const
virtual voidTGLClip::Modified()
virtual voidPlaneSet(TGLPlaneSet_t& set) const
virtual voidTGLPhysicalShape::QuantizeShapeLOD(Short_t shapeLOD, Short_t combiLOD, Short_t& quantLOD) const
voidTGLPhysicalShape::RemoveReference(TGLPShapeRef* ref)
voidTGLPhysicalShape::Rotate(const TGLVertex3& pivot, const TGLVector3& axis, Double_t angle)
voidTGLPhysicalShape::Scale(const TGLVector3& scale)
voidTGLPhysicalShape::Select(UChar_t select)
voidSet(const TGLPlane& plane)
voidTGLPhysicalShape::SetColor(const Float_t* rgba)
voidTGLPhysicalShape::SetColorOnFamily(const Float_t* rgba)
voidTGLPhysicalShape::SetDiffuseColor(const Float_t* rgba)
voidTGLPhysicalShape::SetDiffuseColor(const UChar_t* rgba)
voidTGLPhysicalShape::SetDiffuseColor(Color_t ci, UChar_t transparency)
voidTGLPhysicalShape::SetManip(TGLPhysicalShape::EManip manip)
voidTGLClip::SetMode(TGLClip::EMode mode)
voidTGLPhysicalShape::SetTransform(const TGLMatrix& transform)
voidTGLPhysicalShape::SetTransform(const Double_t* vals)
voidTGLPhysicalShape::SetTranslation(const TGLVertex3& translation)
virtual voidSetup(const TGLBoundingBox& bbox)
virtual voidSetup(const TGLVector3& point, const TGLVector3& normal)
voidTGLPhysicalShape::SetupGLColors(TGLRnrCtx& rnrCtx, const Float_t* color = 0) const
virtual voidShowMembers(TMemberInspector& insp)
virtual voidStreamer(TBuffer& b)
voidStreamerNVirtual(TBuffer& b)
UInt_tTGLClip::TimeStamp() const
voidTGLPhysicalShape::Translate(const TGLVector3& vect)

Data Members

static const floatfgColor[4]! Fixed color of clip plane

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Function documentation

 Construct a clip plane object, based on supplied 'plane', with
 initial manipulation pivot at 'center', with drawn extents (in
 local x/y axes) of 'extents'

 Plane can have center pivot translated in all directions, and
 rotated round center in X/Y axes , the in-plane axes. It cannot
 be scaled

 Note theorectically a plane is of course infinite - however we
 want to draw the object in viewer - so we fake it with a single
 GL face (polygon) - extents defines the width/depth of this -
 should be several times scene extents - see Setup().
 Destroy clip plane object
void Setup(const TGLBoundingBox& bbox)
 Setup the clip object for scene encompassed by bbox.
void Setup(const TGLVector3& point, const TGLVector3& normal)
 Setup the clipping plane by point and normal.
 Length of the normal determines the size of the plane drawn in
 GL viewer. The normal points into the direction of visible half-plane.

 This only makes sense if you disable auto-update of the
 After calling this also call gl_viewer->RefreshPadEditor(gl_viewer)
 and gl_viewer->RequestDraw().
void Set(const TGLPlane& plane)
 Update clip plane object to follow passed 'plane' equation. Center pivot
 is shifted to nearest point on new plane.
void PlaneSet(TGLPlaneSet_t& set) const
 Return set of planes (actually a single one) describing this clip plane.