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class TGLFontManager

 A FreeType GL font manager.

 Each GL rendering context has an instance of FTGLManager.
 This enables FTGL fonts to be shared same way as textures and display lists.

Function Members (Methods)

static TClass*Class()
static TObjArray*GetFontFileArray()
static const char*GetFontNameFromId(Int_t)
static Int_tGetFontSize(Int_t ds)
static Int_tGetFontSize(Int_t ds, Int_t min, Int_t max)
static TGLFontManager::FontSizeVec_t*GetFontSizeArray()
virtual TClass*IsA() const
voidRegisterFont(Int_t size, Int_t file, TGLFont::EMode mode, TGLFont& out)
voidRegisterFont(Int_t size, const char* name, TGLFont::EMode mode, TGLFont& out)
voidReleaseFont(TGLFont& font)
virtual voidShowMembers(TMemberInspector& insp)
virtual voidStreamer(TBuffer& b)
voidStreamerNVirtual(TBuffer& b)
static voidInitStatics()

Data Members

map<TGLFont,int>fFontMapmap of created fonts
list<const TGLFont*>fFontTrashfonts to purge
static TObjArrayfgFontFileArraymap font-id to ttf-font-file
static vector<int>fgFontSizeArraymap of valid font-size
static Bool_tfgStaticInitDoneglobal initialization flag

Class Charts

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Function documentation

void RegisterFont(Int_t size, Int_t file, TGLFont::EMode mode, TGLFont& out)
 Provide font with given size, file and FTGL class.
void RegisterFont(Int_t size, const char* name, TGLFont::EMode mode, TGLFont& out)
 Get mapping from ttf id to font names. Table taken from TTF.cxx.
void ReleaseFont(TGLFont& font)
 Release font with given attributes. Returns false if font has
 not been found in the managers font set.
TObjArray* GetFontFileArray()
 Get id to file name map.
Int_t GetFontSize(Int_t ds)
 Get availabe font size.
Int_t GetFontSize(Int_t ds, Int_t min, Int_t max)
 Get availabe font size.
const char* GetFontNameFromId(Int_t )
 Get font name from TAttAxis font id.
void InitStatics()
 Create a list of available font files and allowed font sizes.
void ClearFontTrash()
 Delete FTFFont objects registered for destruction.
TGLFont& operator=(const TGLFontManager& )
TGLFontManager(const TGLFontManager& )
FontSizeVec_t* GetFontSizeArray()