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class TGLOvlSelectRecord: public TGLSelectRecordBase

 Selection record for overlay objects.

Function Members (Methods)

voidTGLSelectRecordBase::CopyItems(UInt_t* items)

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Function documentation

 Default constructor.
TGLOvlSelectRecord(UInt_t* data)
 Constructor from raw GL-select record.
TGLOvlSelectRecord(const TGLOvlSelectRecord& rec)
 Copy constructor.
TGLOvlSelectRecord& operator=(const TGLOvlSelectRecord& rec)
 Copy operator.
void Set(UInt_t* data)
 Setup the record from raw buffer.
 Non-core members are reset.
void Reset()
 Reinitalize all data to null values.
TGLOverlayElement* GetOvlElement() const
{ return fOvlElement; }
void SetOvlElement(TGLOverlayElement* e)
{ fOvlElement = e; }