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class TGLSelectBuffer

Function Members (Methods)

Data Members

UInt_t*fBufActual buffer.
Int_tfBufSizeSize of buffer.
Int_tfNRecordsNumber of records as returned by glRenderMode.
vector<pair<unsigned int,unsigned int*> >fSortedRecords
static Int_tfgMaxBufSize

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Function documentation

virtual ~TGLSelectBuffer()
Int_t GetBufSize() const
{ return fBufSize; }
UInt_t* GetBuf() const
{ return fBuf; }
Int_t GetNRecords() const
{ return fNRecords; }
Bool_t CanGrow()
void Grow()
void ProcessResult(Int_t glResult)
UInt_t* RawRecord(Int_t i)
{ return fSortedRecords[i].second; }
void SelectRecord(TGLSelectRecordBase& rec, Int_t i)