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class TSeqCollection: public TCollection


Sequenceable collection abstract base class. TSeqCollection's have
an ordering relation, i.e. there is a first and last element.

Function Members (Methods)

    This is an abstract class, constructors will not be documented.
    Look at the header to check for available constructors.

voidTObject::AbstractMethod(const char* method) const
virtual voidAdd(TObject* obj)
virtual voidAddAfter(const TObject* after, TObject* obj)
virtual voidTCollection::AddAll(const TCollection* col)
virtual voidAddAt(TObject* obj, Int_t idx)
virtual voidAddBefore(const TObject* before, TObject* obj)
virtual voidAddFirst(TObject* obj)
virtual voidAddLast(TObject* obj)
voidTCollection::AddVector(TObject* obj1)
virtual TObject*After(const TObject* obj) const
virtual voidTObject::AppendPad(Option_t* option = "")
Bool_tTCollection::AssertClass(TClass* cl) const
virtual TObject*At(Int_t idx) const
virtual TObject*Before(const TObject* obj) const
virtual voidTCollection::Browse(TBrowser* b)
Int_tTCollection::Capacity() const
static TClass*Class()
virtual const char*TObject::ClassName() const
virtual voidTCollection::Clear(Option_t* option = "")
virtual TObject*TCollection::Clone(const char* newname = "") const
virtual Int_tTCollection::Compare(const TObject* obj) const
Bool_tTCollection::Contains(const char* name) const
Bool_tTCollection::Contains(const TObject* obj) const
virtual voidTObject::Copy(TObject& object) const
virtual voidTCollection::Delete(Option_t* option = "")
virtual Int_tTObject::DistancetoPrimitive(Int_t px, Int_t py)
virtual voidTCollection::Draw(Option_t* option = "")
virtual voidTObject::DrawClass() constMENU
virtual TObject*TObject::DrawClone(Option_t* option = "") constMENU
virtual voidTCollection::Dump() const
static voidTCollection::EmptyGarbageCollection()
virtual voidTObject::Error(const char* method, const char* msgfmt) const
virtual voidTObject::Execute(const char* method, const char* params, Int_t* error = 0)
virtual voidTObject::Execute(TMethod* method, TObjArray* params, Int_t* error = 0)
virtual voidTObject::ExecuteEvent(Int_t event, Int_t px, Int_t py)
virtual voidTObject::Fatal(const char* method, const char* msgfmt) const
virtual TObject*TCollection::FindObject(const char* name) const
virtual TObject*TCollection::FindObject(const TObject* obj) const
virtual TObject*First() const
static voidTCollection::GarbageCollect(TObject* obj)
static TCollection*TCollection::GetCurrentCollection()
virtual Option_t*TObject::GetDrawOption() const
static Long_tTObject::GetDtorOnly()
virtual Int_tTCollection::GetEntries() const
virtual const char*TObject::GetIconName() const
virtual Int_tGetLast() const
virtual const char*TCollection::GetName() const
virtual char*TObject::GetObjectInfo(Int_t px, Int_t py) const
virtual TObject**TCollection::GetObjectRef(const TObject* obj) const
static Bool_tTObject::GetObjectStat()
virtual Option_t*TObject::GetOption() const
virtual Int_tTCollection::GetSize() const
virtual const char*TObject::GetTitle() const
virtual UInt_tTObject::GetUniqueID() const
virtual Int_tTCollection::GrowBy(Int_t delta) const
virtual Bool_tTObject::HandleTimer(TTimer* timer)
virtual ULong_tTCollection::Hash() const
virtual Int_tIndexOf(const TObject* obj) const
virtual voidTObject::Info(const char* method, const char* msgfmt) const
virtual Bool_tTObject::InheritsFrom(const char* classname) const
virtual Bool_tTObject::InheritsFrom(const TClass* cl) const
virtual voidTObject::Inspect() constMENU
voidTObject::InvertBit(UInt_t f)
virtual TClass*IsA() const
Bool_tTCollection::IsArgNull(const char* where, const TObject* obj) const
virtual Bool_tTCollection::IsEmpty() const
virtual Bool_tTObject::IsEqual(const TObject* obj) const
virtual Bool_tTCollection::IsFolder() const
Bool_tTObject::IsOnHeap() const
Bool_tTCollection::IsOwner() const
virtual Bool_tTCollection::IsSortable() const
virtual Bool_tIsSorted() const
Bool_tTObject::IsZombie() const
virtual TObject*Last() const
Int_tLastIndex() const
virtual voidTCollection::ls(Option_t* option = "") const
virtual TIterator*TCollection::MakeIterator(Bool_t dir = kIterForward) const
virtual TIterator*TCollection::MakeReverseIterator() const
voidTObject::MayNotUse(const char* method) const
Long64_tMerge(TCollection* list)
virtual Bool_tTObject::Notify()
static Int_tObjCompare(TObject* a, TObject* b)
voidTObject::Obsolete(const char* method, const char* asOfVers, const char* removedFromVers) const
static voidTObject::operator delete(void* ptr)
static voidTObject::operator delete(void* ptr, void* vp)
static voidTObject::operator delete[](void* ptr)
static voidTObject::operator delete[](void* ptr, void* vp)
void*TObject::operator new(size_t sz)
void*TObject::operator new(size_t sz, void* vp)
void*TObject::operator new[](size_t sz)
void*TObject::operator new[](size_t sz, void* vp)
TObject*TCollection::operator()(const char* name) const
TObject&TObject::operator=(const TObject& rhs)
virtual voidTCollection::Paint(Option_t* option = "")
virtual voidTObject::Pop()
virtual voidTCollection::Print(Option_t* option = "") const
virtual voidTCollection::Print(Option_t* option, Int_t recurse) const
virtual voidTCollection::Print(Option_t* option, const char* wildcard, Int_t recurse = 1) const
virtual voidTCollection::Print(Option_t* option, TPRegexp& regexp, Int_t recurse = 1) const
static voidQSort(TObject** a, Int_t first, Int_t last)
static voidQSort(TObject** a, TObject** b, Int_t first, Int_t last)
static voidQSort(TObject** a, Int_t nBs, TObject*** b, Int_t first, Int_t last)
virtual Int_tTObject::Read(const char* name)
virtual voidTCollection::RecursiveRemove(TObject* obj)
virtual TObject*TCollection::Remove(TObject* obj)
virtual voidRemoveAfter(TObject* after)
virtual voidTCollection::RemoveAll(TCollection* col)
virtual TObject*RemoveAt(Int_t idx)
virtual voidRemoveBefore(TObject* before)
virtual voidRemoveFirst()
virtual voidRemoveLast()
voidTObject::ResetBit(UInt_t f)
virtual voidTObject::SaveAs(const char* filename = "", Option_t* option = "") constMENU
virtual voidTObject::SavePrimitive(ostream& out, Option_t* option = "")
voidTObject::SetBit(UInt_t f)
voidTObject::SetBit(UInt_t f, Bool_t set)
virtual voidTObject::SetDrawOption(Option_t* option = "")MENU
static voidTObject::SetDtorOnly(void* obj)
voidTCollection::SetName(const char* name)
static voidTObject::SetObjectStat(Bool_t stat)
virtual voidTCollection::SetOwner(Bool_t enable = kTRUE)
virtual voidTObject::SetUniqueID(UInt_t uid)
virtual voidShowMembers(TMemberInspector& insp)
static voidTCollection::StartGarbageCollection()
virtual voidStreamer(TBuffer& b)
voidStreamerNVirtual(TBuffer& b)
virtual voidTObject::SysError(const char* method, const char* msgfmt) const
Bool_tTObject::TestBit(UInt_t f) const
Int_tTObject::TestBits(UInt_t f) const
virtual voidTObject::UseCurrentStyle()
virtual voidTObject::Warning(const char* method, const char* msgfmt) const
virtual Int_tTCollection::Write(const char* name = 0, Int_t option = 0, Int_t bufsize = 0)
virtual Int_tTCollection::Write(const char* name = 0, Int_t option = 0, Int_t bufsize = 0) const
virtual voidChanged()
virtual voidTObject::DoError(int level, const char* location, const char* fmt, va_list va) const
virtual const char*TCollection::GetCollectionEntryName(TObject* entry) const
virtual voidTCollection::PrintCollectionEntry(TObject* entry, Option_t* option, Int_t recurse) const
virtual voidTCollection::PrintCollectionHeader(Option_t* option) const

Data Members

TStringTCollection::fNamename of the collection
Int_tTCollection::fSizenumber of elements in collection
Bool_tfSortedtrue if collection has been sorted

Class Charts

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Function documentation

Int_t IndexOf(const TObject* obj) const
 Return index of object in collection. Returns -1 when object not found.
 Uses member IsEqual() to find object.
Int_t GetLast() const
 Returns index of last object in collection. Returns -1 when no
 objects in collection.
Int_t ObjCompare(TObject* a, TObject* b)
 Compare to objects in the collection. Use member Compare() of object a.
void QSort(TObject** a, Int_t first, Int_t last)
 Sort array of TObject pointers using a quicksort algorithm.
 The algorithm used is a non stable sort (i.e. already sorted
 elements might switch/change places).
 Uses ObjCompare() to compare objects.
void QSort(TObject** a, Int_t nBs, TObject*** b, Int_t first, Int_t last)
 Sort array a of TObject pointers using a quicksort algorithm.
 Arrays b will be sorted just like a (a determines the sort).
 Argument nBs is the number of TObject** arrays in b.
 The algorithm used is a non stable sort (i.e. already sorted
 elements might switch/change places).
 Uses ObjCompare() to compare objects.
Long64_t Merge(TCollection* list)
 Merge this collection with all collections coming in the input list. The
 input list must contain other collections of objects compatible with the
 ones in this collection and ordered in the same manner. For example, if this
 collection contains a TH1 object and a tree, all collections in the input
 list have to contain a histogram and a tree. In case the list contains
 collections, the objects in the input lists must also be collections with
 the same structure and number of objects.
 The objects inside the collection do not have a Merge function (like TObjString)
 rather than being merged all the instances are appended to the output.


   this                          list
 ____________                  ---------------------|
 | A (TH1F) |  __________      | L1 (TSeqCollection)|- [A1, B1(C1,D1,E1)]
 | B (TList)|-| C (TTree)|     | L1 (TSeqCollection)|- [A2, B2(C2,D2,E2)]
 |__________| | D (TH1F) |     | ...                |- [...]
              | E (TH1F) |     |____________________|
void Changed()
virtual ~TSeqCollection()
{ }
void Add(TObject* obj)
{ AddLast(obj); }
void AddFirst(TObject* obj)
void AddLast(TObject* obj)
void AddAt(TObject* obj, Int_t idx)
void AddAfter(const TObject* after, TObject* obj)
void AddBefore(const TObject* before, TObject* obj)
void RemoveFirst()
{ Remove(First()); }
void RemoveLast()
{ Remove(Last()); }
TObject * RemoveAt(Int_t idx)
{ return Remove(At(idx)); }
void RemoveAfter(TObject* after)
{ Remove(After(after)); }
void RemoveBefore(TObject* before)
{ Remove(Before(before)); }
TObject * At(Int_t idx) const
TObject * Before(const TObject* obj) const
TObject * After(const TObject* obj) const
TObject * First() const
TObject * Last() const
Int_t LastIndex() const
{ return GetSize() - 1; }
Bool_t IsSorted() const
{ return fSorted; }
void UnSort()
void QSort(TObject** a, Int_t first, Int_t last)