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class WindowAttributes_t


Types used by the GUI classes.

Function Members (Methods)

Data Members

Long_tfAllEventMasksset of events all people have interest in
ULong_tfBackingPixelvalue to be used when restoring planes
ULong_tfBackingPlanesplanes to be preserved if possible
Int_tfBackingStorekNotUseful, kWhenMapped, kAlways
Int_tfBitGravityone of bit gravity values
Int_tfBorderWidthborder width of window
Int_tfClasskInputOutput, kInputOnly
Colormap_tfColormapcolor map to be associated with window
Int_tfDepthdepth of window
Long_tfDoNotPropagateMaskset of events that should not propagate
Int_tfHeightwidth and height of window
Bool_tfMapInstalledboolean, is color map currently installed
Int_tfMapStatekIsUnmapped, kIsUnviewable, kIsViewable
Bool_tfOverrideRedirectboolean value for override-redirect
Window_tfRootroot of screen containing window
Bool_tfSaveUnderboolean, should bits under be saved?
void*fScreenback pointer to correct screen
void*fVisualthe associated visual structure
Int_tfWinGravityone of the window gravity values
Int_tfYlocation of window
Long_tfYourEventMaskmy event mask

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