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class TChainIndex::TChainIndexEntry


 A Chain Index with majorname and minorname.
 It uses tree indices of all the trees in the chain instead of building
 a new index.
 The index values from the first tree should be less then
 all the index values from the second tree, and so on.
 If a tree in the chain doesn't have an index the index will be created
 and kept inside this chain index.

Function Members (Methods)

Data Members

Long64_tfMaxIndexValMinorthe maximum value of the index (lower bits)
Long64_tfMaxIndexValuethe maximum value of the index (upper bits)
Long64_tfMinIndexValMinorthe minimum value of the index (lower bits)
Long64_tfMinIndexValuethe minimum value of the index (upper bits)
TVirtualIndex*fTreeIndexthe tree index in case it was created in the constructor,

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Function documentation

 holds a description of indices of trees in the chain.
IndexValPair_t GetMinIndexValPair() const
{ return IndexValPair_t(fMinIndexValue, fMinIndexValMinor); }
IndexValPair_t GetMaxIndexValPair() const
{ return IndexValPair_t(fMaxIndexValue, fMaxIndexValMinor); }
void SetMinMaxFrom(const TTreeIndex* index)