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// @(#)root/minuit2:$Id$
// Authors: M. Winkler, F. James, L. Moneta, A. Zsenei   2003-2005  

 *                                                                    *
 * Copyright (c) 2005 LCG ROOT Math team,  CERN/PH-SFT                *
 *                                                                    *

#ifndef ROOT_Minuit2_MnStrategy
#define ROOT_Minuit2_MnStrategy

namespace ROOT {

   namespace Minuit2 {

    API class for defining three levels of strategies: low (0), medium (1), 
    high (>=2);
    acts on: Migrad (behavioural), 
             Minos (lowers strategy by 1 for Minos-own minimization), 
             Hesse (iterations),
             Numerical2PDerivative (iterations)

class MnStrategy {


   //default strategy

   //user defined strategy (0, 1, >=2)
   explicit MnStrategy(unsigned int);

   ~MnStrategy() {}

   unsigned int Strategy() const {return fStrategy;}

   unsigned int GradientNCycles() const {return fGradNCyc;}
   double GradientStepTolerance() const {return fGradTlrStp;}
   double GradientTolerance() const {return fGradTlr;}

   unsigned int HessianNCycles() const {return fHessNCyc;}
   double HessianStepTolerance() const {return fHessTlrStp;}
   double HessianG2Tolerance() const {return fHessTlrG2;}
   unsigned int HessianGradientNCycles() const {return fHessGradNCyc;}

   int StorageLevel() const { return fStoreLevel; }
   bool IsLow() const {return fStrategy == 0;}
   bool IsMedium() const {return fStrategy == 1;}
   bool IsHigh() const {return fStrategy >= 2;}

   void SetLowStrategy();
   void SetMediumStrategy();
   void SetHighStrategy();
   void SetGradientNCycles(unsigned int n) {fGradNCyc = n;}
   void SetGradientStepTolerance(double stp) {fGradTlrStp = stp;}
   void SetGradientTolerance(double toler) {fGradTlr = toler;}

   void SetHessianNCycles(unsigned int n) {fHessNCyc = n;}
   void SetHessianStepTolerance(double stp) {fHessTlrStp = stp;}
   void SetHessianG2Tolerance(double toler) {fHessTlrG2 = toler;}
   void SetHessianGradientNCycles(unsigned int n) {fHessGradNCyc = n;}
   // set storage level of iteration quantities 
   // 0 = store only last iterations 1 = full storage (default)
   void SetStorageLevel(unsigned int level) { fStoreLevel = level; }

   unsigned int fStrategy;

   unsigned int fGradNCyc;
   double fGradTlrStp;
   double fGradTlr;
   unsigned int fHessNCyc;
   double fHessTlrStp;
   double fHessTlrG2;
   unsigned int fHessGradNCyc;
   int fStoreLevel; 

  }  // namespace Minuit2

}  // namespace ROOT

#endif  // ROOT_Minuit2_MnStrategy