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class ROOT::Minuit2::MnStrategy

    API class for defining three levels of strategies: low (0), medium (1),
    high (>=2);
    acts on: Migrad (behavioural),
             Minos (lowers strategy by 1 for Minos-own minimization),
             Hesse (iterations),
             Numerical2PDerivative (iterations)

Function Members (Methods)

unsigned intGradientNCycles() const
doubleGradientStepTolerance() const
doubleGradientTolerance() const
doubleHessianG2Tolerance() const
unsigned intHessianGradientNCycles() const
unsigned intHessianNCycles() const
doubleHessianStepTolerance() const
boolIsHigh() const
boolIsLow() const
boolIsMedium() const
ROOT::Minuit2::MnStrategyMnStrategy(unsigned int)
ROOT::Minuit2::MnStrategyMnStrategy(const ROOT::Minuit2::MnStrategy&)
ROOT::Minuit2::MnStrategy&operator=(const ROOT::Minuit2::MnStrategy&)
voidSetGradientNCycles(unsigned int n)
voidSetGradientStepTolerance(double stp)
voidSetGradientTolerance(double toler)
voidSetHessianG2Tolerance(double toler)
voidSetHessianGradientNCycles(unsigned int n)
voidSetHessianNCycles(unsigned int n)
voidSetHessianStepTolerance(double stp)
voidSetStorageLevel(unsigned int level)
intStorageLevel() const
unsigned intStrategy() const

Data Members

unsigned intfGradNCyc
unsigned intfHessGradNCyc
unsigned intfHessNCyc
unsigned intfStrategy

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Function documentation

default strategy
explicit MnStrategy(unsigned int )
user defined strategy (0, 1, >=2)
unsigned int Strategy() const
{return fStrategy;}
unsigned int GradientNCycles() const
{return fGradNCyc;}
double GradientStepTolerance() const
{return fGradTlrStp;}
double GradientTolerance() const
{return fGradTlr;}
unsigned int HessianNCycles() const
{return fHessNCyc;}
double HessianStepTolerance() const
{return fHessTlrStp;}
double HessianG2Tolerance() const
{return fHessTlrG2;}
unsigned int HessianGradientNCycles() const
{return fHessGradNCyc;}
int StorageLevel() const
{ return fStoreLevel; }
bool IsLow() const
{return fStrategy == 0;}
bool IsMedium() const
{return fStrategy == 1;}
bool IsHigh() const
{return fStrategy >= 2;}
void SetLowStrategy()
void SetMediumStrategy()
void SetHighStrategy()
void SetGradientNCycles(unsigned int n)
{fGradNCyc = n;}
void SetGradientStepTolerance(double stp)
{fGradTlrStp = stp;}
void SetGradientTolerance(double toler)
{fGradTlr = toler;}
void SetHessianNCycles(unsigned int n)
{fHessNCyc = n;}
void SetHessianStepTolerance(double stp)
{fHessTlrStp = stp;}
void SetHessianG2Tolerance(double toler)
{fHessTlrG2 = toler;}
void SetHessianGradientNCycles(unsigned int n)
void SetStorageLevel(unsigned int level)
 set storage level of iteration quantities
 0 = store only last iterations 1 = full storage (default)
{ fStoreLevel = level; }