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class ROOT::Math::GradFunctor1D: public ROOT::Math::IGradientFunctionOneDim

 LM 7/2/2014:  no needed this : make template ctor of Functor1D and GradFunctor1D not
 available to CINT s

#if defined(__MAKECINT__) || defined(G__DICTIONARY)
 needed since CINT initialize it with TRootIOCtor
class TRootIOCtor;

Function Members (Methods)

virtual doubleDoDerivative(double x) const
virtual doubleDoEval(double x) const

Data Members

auto_ptr<ROOT::Math::GradFunctor1D::Impl>fImplpointer to base gradient functor handler

Class Charts

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Function documentation

BaseFunc * Clone() const
 clone of the function handler (use copy-ctor)
double DoEval(double x) const
double DoDerivative(double x) const
      Default constructor

GradFunctor1D(const Func & f)
      construct from an object with the right signature
      implementing both operator() (double x) and Derivative(double x)

GradFunctor1D(const PtrObj& p, MemFn memFn, GradMemFn gradFn)
       construct from a pointer to class and two pointers to member functions, one for
       the function evaluation and the other for the derivative.
       The member functions must take a double as argument and return a double

virtual ~GradFunctor1D()
      Destructor (no operations)