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class TEveSecondarySelectable

 Semi-abstract interface for classes supporting secondary-selection.

 Element class that inherits from this, should also implement the
 following virtuals from TEveElement:
    virtual void UnSelected();
    virtual void UnHighlighted();
 and clear corresponding selection-set from there.

 To support tooltips for sub-elements, implement:
    virtual TString TEveElement::GetHighlightTooltip();
 and return tooltip for the entry in the fHighlightedSet.
 There should always be a single entry there.
 See TEveDigitSet for an example.

Function Members (Methods)

Data Members

Bool_tfAlwaysSecSelectAlways do secondary-selection in GL.
TEveSecondarySelectable::SelectionSet_tfHighlightedSetHighlighted indices.
TEveSecondarySelectable::SelectionSet_tfSelectedSetSelected indices.

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Function documentation

void ProcessGLSelection(TGLSelectRecord& rec)
 Process secondary GL selection and populate selected set accordingly.
void ProcessGLSelectionInternal(TGLSelectRecord& rec, TEveSecondarySelectable::SelectionSet_t& sset)
 Process secondary GL selection and populate given set accordingly.
TEveSecondarySelectable(const TEveSecondarySelectable& )
TEveSecondarySelectable& operator=(const TEveSecondarySelectable& )
virtual ~TEveSecondarySelectable()
Bool_t GetAlwaysSecSelect() const
{ return fAlwaysSecSelect; }
void SetAlwaysSecSelect(Bool_t f)
const SelectionSet_t& RefSelectedSet() const
{ return fSelectedSet; }
const SelectionSet_t& RefHighlightedSet() const
{ return fHighlightedSet; }