Re: [ROOT] h2root

From: Rene Brun (
Date: Wed Aug 16 2000 - 09:25:37 MEST

Hi Jason,
When you get this kind of error messages from the Zebra system, it means
that RZOPEN was not able to open the file with one of the standard
record lengths (1024,4096). Could you run h2root specifying different values
for lrecl (4th parameter) :

===>  h2root file.hbook  file.root [compress] [tolower] [lrecl] [bufsize]
      if file.root is not given  it will be = file.root
      compress = 1 by default (use 0 for no compression)
      tolower  = 1 by default (use 0 to keep case of column names)
      lrecl =0 by default (must be specified if >8092)
      bufsize = 8000 by default (branch buffer size)

Rene Brun

jrieger wrote:
> Hey all,
>         when I try and convert my hbook file to a root file using h2root,
> I get the error:
>  RZOPEN. Cannot determine record length -  EXCHANGE mode is used.
>   RZOPEN. Error in the input file
>  ***** ERROR in HROPEN : Cannot open file :
>  Error on hropen was 3
> My input is:   h2root gbeam1.paw
> It seems to me I had this problem one time before, but I can't remember
> how I fixed it.  Does anyone know what my problem is?  Thanks.  -Jason

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