Re: [ROOT] It's faster to run root compiled by icc than gcc on Intel platforms

From: Troy Straszheim (
Date: Wed Feb 04 2004 - 01:56:48 MET

Heeey Rooottalk!

I've got what I hope is another good one for you.  I'm trying to use
boost's shared_ptr for memory management.  At the moment rootcint is
bailing out because it is having problems with macros: I see an older
mail on the website:

> Hello,
> I'd be interested to use Cint with some classes defined in Boost
> (,  boost::any for example.
> Is it possible ? I ran into a lot of errors in $BOOST/boost/config.hpp

And it is suggested that he use the -p or -P flag...  but I dont see
this in the documentation anywhere (I'm using 3.10.01), and if you
just type "rootcint -h" it does not mention the flag.  Do they still
exist?  Where is the flag supposed to go?

And there's a side question: does anybody know if anyone has
sucessfully used the boost classes with rootcint?  That earlier mail
came from Olivier Tubach... Olivier, if you're watching, did you have
any luck?  I'm trying to stream out classes that contain instances of

Thanks in advance,

Troy Straszheim

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