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From: Valeri Fine (
Date: Fri Feb 06 2004 - 15:55:02 MET

Hello Thomas,
Our Qt-based implementation ROOT TBrowser (from )
does provide the right browser pane to show the table-like objects in
"detail" view). It uses the TTable class objects as its OO model. 
We (STAR) would be interesting to expand this capability by featuring
your code also.  

Could you advice where can we see (pick :-) your code to trial?
    Thank you.

Best regards

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> Dear all,
> I wrote a small tool-class which makes it possible to look into a
> database simply by using the TBrowser. Are you interested in putting
> this feature into root?
> BTW, it seems, that the TBrowser evaluates IsFolder only once for each
> type of class, but in this particular case it would be more convinient
> if the class can be once a Folder (displaying the name of the tables)
> and sometimes Not-A-Folder (displaying the name of a column in a
> Otherwise we would need more than one (very simple) class for this
> feature...
> Best regards,
> Thomas.

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