[ROOT] how to get p0 and p1 of "pol1" fit from the prompt

From: Gunasingha Rathnayaka (phguna@feynman.phys.subr.edu)
Date: Wed Feb 11 2004 - 16:44:26 MET

  I am drawing a profile and do a linear fitting using "pol1". I can
read the value of p0 and p1 from the graph when I do the fitting.
 this is what I am doing.


 How can I get values of p0 and p1 ( constant and slope) in
 The same way I get htemp->GetEntries() { without looking at plot}
 When I hit tab it gives me all the option for htemp->Get  , but I could
 not find anything for p0 and p1.

 I am using ROOT Version   3.10/01 in REDHAT8 machine ( gcc3.2) machine.

 Thank you,


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