[ROOT] GTK+ GUI and Root interface

From: Dejan Nikic (dejann@u.washington.edu)
Date: Tue Feb 24 2004 - 03:55:12 MET

Hi guys,

Hope you can help with this problem, here is the breakdown:

SITUATION:  I have a GTK+ gui application that I wrote, and what it does
is gets some user input and creates a root macro file out of it and it
starts root and runs that macro using execlp() function.  

PROBLEM:  Every time I start root it closes my application and root runs
by itself just fine.  What I want to do is have root run and then I pass
it the user input from GTK, without having to start root every time and
have root close my application.

I hope that this is possible, if not then I did a lot of work for

Thank you.

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