[ROOT] yet another complaintt

From: Dmitri Litvintsev (litvinse@fnal.gov)
Date: Tue Feb 24 2004 - 04:30:52 MET

Dear ROOTers,

I am sorry, here come one more complaint

   Suppose I plot a histogram, want to change axes range, or I want to fit
   it, or I want to modify its graphics attributes using these pop up
   windows. So I move cursor to the bin, click right button and invoke
   either 'DrawPanel', 'FitPanel' or 'SetXXXAttributes'. Suppose, having
   done the manipulation desired, I do not close the panel. Now, if I
   plotted another histogram and tried to use any of these panels the results
   are not that one expected.

	Using 'FitPanel' or 'DrawPanel' brings the old histogram

	Using 'SetXXXAttributes' panels does not work on the new
	histogram, but apparently modifies appearance of the 'old'
	histogram, so next time I plot it it has different colors.

	Apparently all these pop up items are tied to the histogram,
	for which they were invoked.

	This behaviour is seemingly different from the behaviour of
	the window invoked by 'Edit' pulldown menu. This one seems to
	act on whatever canvas is pointed to by 'gPad' external variable.

	So my point is that the work with these tools is not very
	comfortable. The suggested usage seems to be, plot histogram,
	pop up whatever you need, do the modifications, close. Plot
	another histogram, pop up the stuff for that histogram, work
	with it, close, and so on.

	IMHO this is way to many clicking which exacerbated by slowness
	of all these Canvases over the network.

Dmitri Litvintsev

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