RE : [ROOT] Different behaviour (i.e. Crash) of TString on Linux andWindows

From: ANCIANT E. (
Date: Mon Mar 08 2004 - 18:36:57 MET

Hello rooters,

I face the same problem as Andreas,
using Visual 6 service pack 5,
and ROOT 3.10.02 win32GDK (debug version)
and msfrt40.dll, msvcr70.dll, msvcp70.dll, msvci70.dll and dformd.dll libraries copied in the same directory where ROOT libraries are.

As I don't have cygwin 'make' installed, I use 'nmake',
And therefore the Makefile.win32 file (see quote below):

P:\root_v3.10.02.win32gdk_Debug\test>nmake -f Makefile.win32 tstring.exe

Microsoft (R) Program Maintenance Utility   Version 6.00.8168.0
Copyright (C) Microsoft Corp 1988-1998. All rights reserved.

        cl -DWIN32  -D_WIN32 -D_MT -D_DLL -MD -EHsc  -nologo -G5 -GR -MD -DWIN32 -DVISUAL_CPLUSPLUS -D_WINDOWS -Ip:\root_v3.10.02.win32gdk_Debug/include -O2 -c tstring.cxx
        link -opt:ref /NODEFAULTLIB /INCREMENTAL:NO /PDB:NONE /RELEASE /NOLOGO -subsystem:console,4.0 -nologo tstring.obj p:\root_v3.10.02.win32gdk_Debug/lib/libCore.lib  p:\root_v3.10.02.win32gdk_Debug/lib/libCint.lib p:\root_v3.10.02.win32gdk_Debug/lib/libHist.lib  p:\root_v3.10.02.win32gdk_Debug/lib/libGraf.lib p:\root_v3.10.02.win32gdk_Debug/lib/libGraf3d.lib  p:\root_v3.10.02.win32gdk_Debug/lib/libGpad.lib p:\root_v3.10.02.win32gdk_Debug/lib/libTree.lib  p:\root_v3.10.02.win32gdk_Debug/lib/libRint.lib p:\root_v3.10.02.win32gdk_Debug/lib/libPostscript.lib  p:\root_v3.10.02.win32gdk_Debug/lib/libMatrix.lib p:\root_v3.10.02.win32gdk_Debug/lib/libPhysics.lib msvcrt.lib oldnames.lib kernel32.lib  ws2_32.lib mswsock.lib advapi32.lib user32.lib gdi32.lib comdlg32.lib winspool.lib MSVCPRT.LIB
"tstring.exe done"

Running tstring.exe gives me a : "l'instruction à "0x..." emploie l'adresse mémoire "0x0000014". La mémoire ne peut pas être "Read" "

If I choose to debug at that time I got from Visual the message : "unhandled exception in tstring.exe (NTDLL.DLL) : 0x000005: Access Violation."

Since I have been said in reply of some previous post that the compilation options are not correct with the 'Makefile.win32' file, I also tried to import the tstring source in one Visual project and modify by hand the options so that they stick as close as possible to the ones in 'Makefile', but could not get tstring to work neither this way.
In fact, when running step by step the debug version of tstring under visual, the program crashes for the first instance of :

   cout << s << endl;

(exactly the instruction that was causing problems to Andreas)
with the message : "Unhandled exception in tstring.exe (NTDLL.exe)0xC0000005 : Access violation "

I also tried to removed the libNew.lib / dll / plg from the root directories, as I read that these libraries may cause problem under Visual,
But this did not help,


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Hi Andreas,

Let me repeat my question,

  "Did you try to build ROOT test suite (especially "tstring" test)?"

  If your problem cause is the "DLL mess" adding new software (like
cygwin) to your computer may have ended up with this mess "increased".

I'd like to call your attention the crash you were speaking about was
not reproduced with either ROOT version.

Hope this helps,

Best regards

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> andWindows
> Hi Rene,
> Thanks for all the work you have done, but the problem is still the
> My small test program still crashes.
> Furthermore, compiling all programs in $ROOTSYS/test leads to all
> programs running smoothly, except tstring, which crashes immediately
> I will try to set up a cygwin environment in the next days, to compile
> my own version of ROOT. If I can figure out the reason of the problem
> will let you know.
> Thanks a lot for all of your efforts,
> Andreas
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