Re: [ROOT] Different behaviour (i.e. Crash) of TString on Linux andWindows

From: Andreas Zoglauer (
Date: Mon Mar 08 2004 - 19:08:52 MET

Hi Valeri,

Valeri Fine schrieb:
> Hello Andreas,
>   Thank you very much for your "zip".
>   Your "tstring.exe" does crash on my machine, when the "tstring.exe" I
> made myself locally does work properly.
> But when I re-created the "tstring.exe" from YOUR "tstring.obj" with no
> re-compilation I did get the working version of tstring.exe as well.
> Now, compare my "link protol" made by runing "Makefile.win32 with yours
> to realize my list of the system libraries Makefile.win32 links
> "tstring.obj" against of doesn't match yours. 
> Yours:
> /INCREMENTAL:NO -subsystem:console,4.0  /NODEFAULTLIB  /PDB:NONE
> Mine:
> /INCREMENTAL:NO /-subsystem:console,5.0
>  The difference above in your log made me suspect the Makefile.win32 you
> built your 'exe' mismatched one I applied.
> At this point I am wondering why? Eventually the list of the system
> libraries is to be provided by " !include <win32.mak> "NMAKE statement.

In my (one and only) win32.mak is the following line:

In a little experiment I removed /NODEFAULTLIB and /PDB:NONE and 
recompiled, but this did not cure the problem ;-(

> Are you sure your "LIB" variable, and "INCLUDE", and "PATH" variable did
> point one and the same version of Visual Studio at the compilation time.

Yes, I checked it.

> Can you send me your version of Makefile.win32?

The Makfile is also at

> I could not check some things up because I found no VC++ 6 around, sorry
> :-(
> Thank you, Valeri 

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