[ROOT] THtml begin/end_html

From: Martin Schulte-Wissermann (schulte@pktw09.phy.tu-dresden.de)
Date: Sun Mar 14 2004 - 20:39:46 MET

hi all,
 recently i thought of updating my html-doc, which i didn't
do since root_v2.xxx. the // Begin_Html ... // End_Html
tags used to treat only the html-tags, but leave the rest of
the (ascii) text formated according to the nice THtml-style.
now, everything is considered 'pure' html. this results in
that all text is written in one line, as all white-spaces are not
relevant anymore.
ok, this is probably on purpose. however, if i now
change my source code and only embrace the tags (e.g. a link)
it always prints the link on a separate line. this makes the
html-output considerably unreadable.

in other words, i'd like something like:
   please see 'file1' and 'file2' or mail to 'me' or go to 'google'.
(where 'xxx' is a highlighted link)

can i achieve this, without writing everything in 'pure-html'?


ps:  root_v3.10.01, gcc2.9xxx, linux

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