Re: [ROOT] THtml begin/end_html

From: Axel Naumann (
Date: Mon Mar 15 2004 - 11:05:02 MET

Hi Martin,

> now, everything is considered 'pure' html. this results in
> that all text is written in one line, as all white-spaces are not
> relevant anymore.

If it were 'pure' html the text would be wrapped properly. So apparently 
it's interpreted as <pre> formatted, which is what I'd expect - all 
THtml doc is enclosed in <pre> tags. You can get an un-<pre>ed 
environment by adding </pre> at the beginning of a doc.

> ok, this is probably on purpose. however, if i now
> change my source code and only embrace the tags (e.g. a link)
> it always prints the link on a separate line. this makes the
> html-output considerably unreadable.

Reason as stated above: it needs to close the <pre> tag (Begin_Html), 
add your <a href> tag, then open the <pre> environment again (End_Html). 
The problem you're seeing is caused by the <[/]pre> tags which include a 
line break by default.

> in other words, i'd like something like:
>    please see 'file1' and 'file2' or mail to 'me' or go to 'google'.
> (where 'xxx' is a highlighted link)

Right. Do "</pre> please see <a href=file1>..."

Why did this work before? I believe ancient versions didn't close <pre> 
tags properly when they came across a Begin_Html, generating illegal html.


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