[ROOT] gcc 3.x suse 9.0

From: Martin Schulte-Wissermann (schulte@pktw09.phy.tu-dresden.de)
Date: Thu Apr 01 2004 - 03:56:38 MEST

 i just installed suse 9.0 on a new computer and
ROOT compiles well (3.10.01). however, my own programs seem all
to have 'bugs'. i know, this is because we now use 'standard c++',
and my code stems from  something like 95 to now.
is there an easy solution, or do i really have to put
std::cout, #include <iostream>, using namespace std, ...
everywhere?! and what about the behaviour of my compiled code,
is it similar to the past by 100, 99, or 50%.
or should i use the old 2.95 compiler (probably i need to compile my own
compiler, wright?)?
i would expect  something like --Use2.95Behaviour in the makefile
to solve the problem.

any feedback will help, what about an URL?


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