Re: [ROOT] root dictionaries in .NET

From: Dr. John Krane (
Date: Tue Mar 30 2004 - 19:44:03 MEST

Hi Valeri,

Thanks for the email. 

Francois-Xavier's web site is one of two linked from the ROOT web pages:

Axel Naumann's is the other; this is the second web page you found.  I 
have seen both, and because they don't mention export libraries, I'm 
surprised to hear about it now...

>So the quick advice, to avoid a lengthy explanation, is to use either
>ACLiC or the %ROOTSYS%\test\Makefile.win32 makefile as a pattern. That Makefile isnot quite convenient since it builds many different executables and DLL's at once. So you have to sort it out and disregard all rules to
>build the various executables and leave Event.DLL rules only.
I love quick advice, but F-X explains in great detail on his webpage 
that Microsoft .NET can do nothing with a Makefile.  So I don't know 
what you are asking me to do here.  Perhaps I should have the lengthy 
explanation, since it appears to be available nowhere else.

At the same time, I will rework the dictionaries.  I got a little 
confused the first time through and might have made a mistake.

    - John


Dr. John Krane

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