Re: [ROOT] I broke ROOT installing ODBC

From: Brett Viren (
Date: Tue May 11 2004 - 16:31:38 MEST

Hi Dr. John,

"Dr. John Krane" <> writes:
> Somehow, during my ODBC install, I broke ROOT!  I did nothing all day
> except run my usual ROOT routines in the morning, attempt the install,
> and (try and fail to) run my *same* usual ROOT routines in the
> afternoon.

First, for using RDBC with a MySQL backend you need to install:

       MySQL client libraries

It is likely that the first three are already packaged for your Linux
distribution so you may only need to build RDBC.  RDBC uses the
env. var. UNIXODBC_DIR to find unixODBC.  It would be set to "/usr" if
you installed from system packages.

Second, ROOT is independent from RDBC and RDBC doesn't need to be, nor
should it be, installed in $ROOTSYS, so I can't see how installing
"ODBC stuff" can effect normal ROOT usage.  My guess is your ROOT
installation proper has some other problem.

> Maybe I should just uninstall all the ODBC stuff.  (It is perhaps a
> bad sign for the "freshness" of the install instructions that your
> email address there does not work.)  

In case it wasn't obvious, that page contains instructions for how
MINOS collaborators should install this "ODBC stuff" for running the
MINOS offline software.  There was no attempt to make it generic.  It
may indeed be useful to others, but only by accident.

> I have already tried rebuilding
> with "gmake clean all, gmake install" in the ROOT area and got no joy.

ROOT proper knows nothing of RDBC


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