Re: [ROOT] I broke ROOT installing ODBC

From: Dr. John Krane (
Date: Tue May 11 2004 - 16:45:33 MEST

Hello Dr. Brett,

>Second, ROOT is independent from RDBC and RDBC doesn't need to be, nor
>should it be, installed in $ROOTSYS, so I can't see how installing
>"ODBC stuff" can effect normal ROOT usage.  My guess is your ROOT
>installation proper has some other problem.
I never said I put it in $ROOTSYS and I did not.  I don't see how it can 
break ROOT either, yet it seems to have done just that.  The stuff on 
that page is the only set of changes I made.

> In case it wasn't obvious, that page contains instructions for how
>MINOS collaborators should install this "ODBC stuff" for running the
>MINOS offline software.  There was no attempt to make it generic.  It
>may indeed be useful to others, but only by accident.
It was obvious, and yet it was the only page where I could find 
instructions for getting ODBC functionality into ROOT.  I assure you I 
am not trying to collect on a warrantee.  On the other hand, I'm using 
FLRH9.0, which I expected would be same as or similar to MINOS.

>ROOT proper knows nothing of RDBC
You might be right, because I never installed RDBC by itself.  There was 
no mention of such on the pages I referenced.  Maybe if I do install 
that package, all will be well again.  ROOT apparently does know about 
either MyODBC or unixODBC, because as I said they were the only changes 
to my set up.

I will look into RDBC and some other points you raise.  Thanks.

    - John


Dr. John Krane

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