[ROOT] trying to connect to ODBC db now...

From: Dr. John Krane (jkrane@netzero.com)
Date: Tue May 11 2004 - 19:27:48 MEST

Hi guys,

The problem was I filled my disk drive to bursting trying to install all 
this.  Now that I moved stuff, ROOT works again.

But I am stuck trying to connect to the ODBC database.  I have 
previously used c++ commands like:

    TSQLServer *serv=0;
    serv = 

...to access a MySQL database, but I don't know the protocol to get to 
the ODBC (specifically, a Microsoft) database.  It won't be "mysql:" 
anymore, right?  But "odbc:" doesn't work, nor many other things I have 
tried.  The ROOT website implies it is possible in the v3.02 release 
notes but shows no examples.  Anybody have an example that works?

    - John


Dr. John Krane

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