[ROOT] ALERT - Virus Exploit-MIME.gen.c found; an attachment/message has been quarantined

From: GroupShield for Exchange (EXCHANGE13) (NAIRALEXCHANGE13@exchange01.rl.ac.uk)
Date: Wed May 12 2004 - 05:36:02 MEST

Action Taken:
The message has been placed in the designated quarantine location as
specified by your McAfee GroupShield for Exchange administrator.
Please exercise extreme caution when handling the quarantined message

4doctor@artelecom.ro <roottalk@root.cern.ch>

roottalk@root.cern.ch <roottalk@root.cern.ch>


Mail Delivery (failure 4doctor@artelecom.ro)

Attachment Details:-

Attachment Name: Infected.msg
File: Infected.msg
Infected? Yes
Repaired? No
Blocked? No
Deleted? No
Virus Name: Exploit-MIME.gen.c


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