[ROOT] THStack Limits

From: Matthew D Wood (mdwood@lotus.phys.northwestern.edu)
Date: Thu Jun 17 2004 - 23:35:27 MEST

Hi.  I am trying to draw multiple histograms on the same canvas using the
THStack class.  I notice that when I try to look at histograms on a log
scale the limits of the axis don't get set properly.  Below I include the
example code.  In this example the lower limit gets set to 100 so the
contents of the second histogram are not visible.  
	I am using the root version 4.00/04 with gcc 2.96 and RH
7.1.  Thanks for your help.

Matthew Wood


TCanvas *c1 = new TCanvas();

TH1F *hist1 = new TH1F("hist1","hist1",100,0,10);
TH1F *hist2 = new TH1F("hist2","hist2",100,0,10);


THStack *hs = new THStack();




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