Re: [ROOT] TMinuit and ACLIC

From: Richard S. Holmes (
Date: Mon Jul 19 2004 - 18:33:02 MEST

Rene Brun <> writes:

> Please start by reading the chapter about Fitting in the Users Guide
> and try the fitting examples in the tutorials, such as FittingDemo.C

Maybe I'm looking in the wrong place in the Users Guide, but I can't
find anything on TFitter in Chapter 5.  As for FittingDemo.C that
doesn't seem to use TFitter or TMinuit, but just illustrates fitting a
function to a histogram, which is not what I want to use TMinuit or
TFitter for at the moment.  Indeed none of the files in the tutorials
directory seem to make use of TFitter and only one, Ifit, uses
TMinuit.  The latter is what I have been basing my code on (and is
what prompted this thread, given that the version distributed with
ROOT 4.00/08 does not compile with that version without, as someone
suggested, an additional step first.)

So, if anyone out there wants more people to use TFitter... you should
give us some better documentation.

- Rich Holmes
  Parish, NY

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