Re: [ROOT] TMinuit and ACLIC

From: Edmond Offermann (
Date: Mon Jul 19 2004 - 21:23:48 MEST


Take a close look at TFitter/TVirtualFitter, they give basically
interface as TMinuit . So just try to replace all TMinuit by TFitter 
and you will probably have a working code (even without docu)


--- "Richard S. Holmes" <> wrote:
> Rene Brun <> writes:
> > Please start by reading the chapter about Fitting in the Users
> Guide
> > and try the fitting examples in the tutorials, such as
> FittingDemo.C
> Maybe I'm looking in the wrong place in the Users Guide, but I can't
> find anything on TFitter in Chapter 5.  As for FittingDemo.C that
> doesn't seem to use TFitter or TMinuit, but just illustrates fitting
> a
> function to a histogram, which is not what I want to use TMinuit or
> TFitter for at the moment.  Indeed none of the files in the tutorials
> directory seem to make use of TFitter and only one, Ifit, uses
> TMinuit.  The latter is what I have been basing my code on (and is
> what prompted this thread, given that the version distributed with
> ROOT 4.00/08 does not compile with that version without, as someone
> suggested, an additional step first.)
> So, if anyone out there wants more people to use TFitter... you
> should
> give us some better documentation.
> -- 
> - Rich Holmes
>   Parish, NY

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