[ROOT] TGraphAsymmErrors()

From: Alexander Wagner (a.wagner@physik.uni-wuerzburg.de)
Date: Mon Jul 19 2004 - 20:56:24 MEST


Just a  short  question:  Consider  a  dataset  which  looks
somewhat like this:

409.00000    0.2875184   0.0251621804162307
421.00000    1.08303395   0.0488355952731649

That is x-value, y-value and the error estimated.  Now  this
error is symmetric, but I wrote  some  general  function  to
plot errors which uses TGraphAsymErrors(). Just setting xlow
and xhigh to the same value.

It seems root doesn't like my data.  Especially not the  0.x
errors.  I get a fine plot of the data  line  but  no  error
bars.  Now if I multiply this two colums by  a  constant  so
that the errors are .gt. 1 I get nice error bars. Did I miss
something in the docs or is it intended for the error-graphs
to deal only with errors .gt. 1?

Well I solve my problem just by multiplication which is in a
way ok with me at the moment.  Maybe I made a  dumb  mistake


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