[ROOT] kWhite is transparent

From: Bernd Reinhold (bernd.reinhold@cern.ch)
Date: Sat Aug 07 2004 - 14:13:26 MEST


It seems as if kWhite is transparent, even when I use SetFillStyle(1001) (solid). If I have a histogram h1 in grey and another histogram h2 in front of it with 
then it is "filled" with the same grey as histogram h1, or just transparent. But I would like it to be white.
The same problem or feature with the patterns: 
what is white in the pattern 3004 is just transparent. On a yellow background it will be yellow.
Also in this case, I'd like it to be white by default.
For the patterns it would be nice to have a backgroundcolor (which is white by default and not transparent) and a pattern color, which can already be set with SetFillColor()

I need a white, that is not transparent. What do I have to do?

root: 3.10/02 01.04.2004

Thanks, Bernd.

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