[ROOT] Root4/Windows: MAKEINFO troubles

From: Attallah Faouzi (F.Attallah@gsi.de)
Date: Mon Aug 09 2004 - 11:23:42 MEST

Hi Rooters,

I just upgraded my Root (3.xx->4) under Windows 2k.
The 3.x version was running very satisfactory but not my new 4.0 version
despite all the variables were re-checked.
The installation went smooth but when starting root 
1. as a normal user I faced a quite disturbing error (see attached)
"Error: cannot open E:\Adds\root\cint/MAKEINFO"
2. as administrator, no problem.
I changed the access rights of this "MAKEINFO" in all ways, the error
persists for the normal user.

Any hint to fix this problem.
Thanks a lot,

PS: Rene, is it possible to add to the Search Results a Date column ! 

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