[ROOT] TBrowser SEGV when user's primary group is only numeric

From: Brett Viren (bv@bnl.gov)
Date: Wed Aug 25 2004 - 21:27:37 MEST


Starting a TBrowser as a user with a primary group not listed in
/etc/groups causes a SegV in TUnixSystem::GetUserInfo due to the line

UserGroup_t *TUnixSystem::GetUserInfo(Int_t uid)
      UserGroup_t *gr = GetGroupInfo(pwd->pw_gid);
      ug->fGroup    = gr->fGroup;

as ug is 0x0 because getgrgid() returns 0x0.

I agree it's a bit odd to have systems with users that have a numeric
only main groups, but maybe we can get a check for 0x0 put in here


PS: CVS as of today (but this has been around at least a couple weeks
I think and 4.00/03 doesn't have it) on Debian x86 GCC 3.3.3, libc 2.3.2.

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