[ROOT] PROOF - loading shared libs

From: Thomas Eberl (Thomas.Eberl@ph.tum.de)
Date: Thu Aug 26 2004 - 11:27:04 MEST


I have setup a small PROOF cluster for testing.
4 PCs running Fedora Core 1, ROOT 400-08
It seems to work, when I login and process a TNtuple which is accessed 
from the nodes via rootd. I simply use TDSet.Draw();

When I load my private shared libs containing my own data structure 
definitions and try to process a TTree, it fails, as the slave nodes 
don't know the classes. How can I tell them to load the shared libs as 
well ?

Is there some documentation on PROOF in the meanwhile (couldn't find it) 
? I'd be looking for an example that shows how to run a more complicated 
script via PROOF. If the process is IO dominated, PROOF doesn't give a 
speed benefit, it seems.



	Physics-Department E12
	Technische Universitaet Muenchen

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