Re: [ROOT] TMatrix

From: Edmond Offermann (
Date: Thu Sep 23 2004 - 20:57:07 MEST

Hi Radbal,

TMatrix is part of the linear algebra package .
It is not polluted and (should not) by specialized applications
like rotations, Lorentz-boosts etc .

Since you write that you are simulating hadron showers in
a detector package, TGeoMatrix does not seem an odd choice :)

On the other hand, setting up a rotation matrix with
for instance Euler angles is (hopefully) no biggy either for you:

--- Balint Radics <> wrote:

> Hello,
> I would like to rotate set of points (x,y,z) in 3D. Which class
> should I 
> use to do that?I didn't find any rotational functions in the TMatrix
> class.
> I found general transformational functions only in the TGeoMatrix
> classes 
> but that belongs to the detector geometry classes,don't they?
> Or maybe I am wrong.
> And do you have little example scripts for matrix transformation?
> I mean general rotation or translation functions.Like:
>  m = new TMatrix(3,1,elements);
>  m->Rotate(phi,theta);	
> etc....
> I am trying to MC-simulate ellipsoid showers of hadrons in a
> detector...
> Thanx in advance,
> radbal

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