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From: dinasuleyman1@tiscali.co.uk
Date: Fri Oct 08 2004 - 13:37:17 MEST


How are you ?. Hope Fine, 

I know you Must be Wondering which DINA this is? I am DINA SULEYMAN. 

I Live far on the Sea of the Indian Ocean. I don't think you have come that
Far, Do you know Mauritius. 

That's where i am Mailing you from.

I would have called, if i had your Number. my Kids are here with me, and
My Brother In-law (DAVID) too. We have been trying to Reach out for Help
for 3 weeks, but i got your Mail from the Internet and i decided to Contact
you with the Faith that you would Help me Out, I am planning to Relocate
my Family to your Country, 

We are not asking you to Finance our Trip, But what i demand from you is
Your Trust and Honesty, Because i want you to Help me Out. 

For Three Weeks, I have being moving from Town to Town. From Shelter to

I am not a Begger, But I really Value my Life, and that of My Kids. There
is Somebody or Group of People after me, I am sure you are not Suprised,
It happens Everywhere. But Why? I am Sure You will ask.

I am not going to Hide anything from you. Because i Need you to Believe
and Dont take this for Just a Joke or a Game. 

It involves my Life and My Kids and a Sum of 25.5 Million United States
Dollars, Which is the Main Cause I have suddenly made enemies on this Islands.

I have been attacked at Gun Point Twice and over 6 of Our New Accomodation
given to us by the Police have been broken.

The Police Could not Help much because the Person behind the Plots of Evil
is a Specialist at Crime, My Late Husbands Lawyer. Henry Jones, and Now
i know why he is After me, He wants The Funds, I remember he had a Fight
over some Money Issue with my Husband before he Died, And now this Funds
have Come to us as Inheritance and Only him knows of Such.

I immediately Took the Matter to Court and Laid all my Allegations, But
they were not Strong Enough to put him Behind bars. So now at this Present
time Henry is Still on the Loose. 

He Follows My Every Move, He has tried to Kiddnap the Kids from school.
I have received Calls of Giving Up the Funds or I would be Shot on the Way
to Work.

My Kids have Given up School and I have Given up Work, With the help My
Brother Inlaw we have managed to Move here and there, Slightly escaping
Death. But we are Glad we are Still alive.

All this While He never got the Money becasue i had Deposited them in a
Strong Trunk Box, and Lodged the Box in Security Company at the Shores of
the IslandS. 

And All i am waitng for is A Signal from you and I would Send them for you
to Keep, Then i would Proceed to a Neighboring Country and make Flight Arrangements
to Meet you in your Country. 

We cant Engage other Banking Methods to Transfer the Funds Because of the
Area we are Located on the Islands, also We do Not Have a Foreign Accounts,
And we dont Want mr. Henry to Have any Trace of where the Funds are Going,
so as Not to Put you in Danger. 

So you are our Only Hope, We have A Mapped out plan Already. Its Safe and

So please There is Nothing to Worry about, its just you and the Security
Company and The Destination, Leave me and the Lawyer, I will protect my
Kids with the Help of My Brother in-Law, As soon as you receive the Funds
in your Account, we would Check out of Mauritius.

Please try and Send me your Number, So we can Discuss on a Secure Medium.

Hope you Can Help

DINA and Kids

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