[ROOT] ROOT library versioning

From: Roland Kuhn (rkuhn@e18.physik.tu-muenchen.de)
Date: Fri Oct 08 2004 - 18:22:20 MEST


As it frequently happens to me that I forget to recompile some of my 
libraries when changing the ROOT version, I thought about ways to find 
this kind of error easier (usually it's some obscure segmentation 
violation that takes some minutes to register as a case of "simply 
recompile"). Would it be possible to reference some symbol in the ROOT 
libraries used, which is unique to each version? That way the dynamic 
linker could already find the incompatibility and the user would 
immediately know what's going on. If a new version of a library is 
backwards compatible, it could also provide the old version of the 
symbol, like it is done for the GLIBC.

The alternative would be for me to code this kind of checking into each 
application and library I ever write...


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