[ROOT] TPGON and OpenGL - X3D and Shift interface

From: Christian Holm Christensen (cholm@nbi.dk)
Date: Tue Nov 16 2004 - 11:18:37 MET

Hi all,

TPGON and OpenGL - X3D:
There seems to be a problem when trying to draw a TPGON in OpenGL or
X3D.  It gets SIGSEV unless I set the visibility `0'.  The script and a
log are attached.  

Missing libOIV?: 

In the default `etc/root/system.rootrc' there's the line 

	+Plugin.TVirtualViewer3D:   oiv TViewerOIV    OIV "TViewerOIV(TVirtualPad*)"

However, the library `libOIV' isn't build, and there's no dictionary
created for the `TViewerOIV' class, so this line is (double)


Currently, the `configure' script checks to find `rfio_api.h'.  However,
in SHIFT (the most recent I could find at
`/afs/cern.ch/asis/src/SHIFT/') no such file exists. Hence `configure'
complains.   The closest file I could find was `<shift/rfio.h>'.  I ask
`configure' to look for that file instead I get the following warning
from `configure':

	### Found old version of libshift, please uprade to >=1.5.2

Now, is larger than 1.5.2, so should `configure' accept this

I looked in the `configure' script, and saw that it looks for
`rfio_fchmod' in the header file.   In SHIFT there's no such
function or symbol.  The function `rfio_chmod' is there, however. 

It's kind of odd to test for `rfio_fchmod' as it isn't used in the RFIO
interface at all.   A simple grep and sed gave me 

        > grep 'rfio_' rfio/src/*  | \
            sed -e '/\/\//d' \
        	-e 's/\([^:]*\):.*\(rfio_[a-zA-Z0-9_]*\).*/\1: \2/g' | \
           sort -u
        rfio/src/TCastorFile.cxx: rfio_HsmIf_IsHsmFile
        rfio/src/TCastorFile.cxx: rfio_HsmIf_reqtoput
        rfio/src/TCastorFile.cxx: rfio_parse
        rfio/src/TRFIOFile.cxx: rfio_access
        rfio/src/TRFIOFile.cxx: rfio_close
        rfio/src/TRFIOFile.cxx: rfio_closedir
        rfio/src/TRFIOFile.cxx: rfio_errno
        rfio/src/TRFIOFile.cxx: rfio_fstat
        rfio/src/TRFIOFile.cxx: rfio_lseek
        rfio/src/TRFIOFile.cxx: rfio_mkdir
        rfio/src/TRFIOFile.cxx: rfio_open
        rfio/src/TRFIOFile.cxx: rfio_opendir
        rfio/src/TRFIOFile.cxx: rfio_parse
        rfio/src/TRFIOFile.cxx: rfio_perror
        rfio/src/TRFIOFile.cxx: rfio_read
        rfio/src/TRFIOFile.cxx: rfio_readdir
        rfio/src/TRFIOFile.cxx: rfio_serror
        rfio/src/TRFIOFile.cxx: rfio_stat
        rfio/src/TRFIOFile.cxx: rfio_unlink
        rfio/src/TRFIOFile.cxx: rfio_write
which are then the `rfio_' symbols referenced in the SHIFT interface. 
I'm using: 

	ROOT Version:	4.01/03 (CVS Head as of yesterday evening)
			with OpenGL and OpenIV. 
	OS:		Debian GNU/Linux unstable `sid'
	GLX Library:	Nvidia 1.0.6629
	X:		XFree86 4.3.0 (DFSG 1)


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