RE: [ROOT] ROOT 4.01/04

From: Jacek M. Holeczek (
Date: Sat Nov 20 2004 - 01:40:48 MET


> (...)
> Including the Qt portion into the binary distribution with no actually Qt
> itself implies ROOT team knows what the local Qt version is.
> (..)
> As soon as SLC3 is concern, it comes with Qt 3.1. It is very old version
> (...)

I guess, the binary ROOT distribution should use the Qt version as
provided by the OS distribution (as of the time the ROOT is compiled,
assuming that the OS packages have been "upgraded" to the latest state).
No matter how old it is ...
If someone does not like it ... and wants to have a newer Qt version ...
Well, he/she is free to recompile ROOT from scratch ... :-)

I personally do not need any sophisticated Qt features.
I just have an application which requires it ... but ... basically from
the whole application I mainly plan to use one shared library which is NOT
Qt specific, so ... I need Qt to build everything (and maybe run the main
application from time to time), but after the root file is created, I plan
to use the "standard" root to analyze it ...
(And considering that I will also need to use this library in a Geant4
application ... I don't really want to create myself additional problems
mixing ROOT + Geant4 + OpenGL + Qt ...)

> Interesting  . . . "emit" is a CPP macro defined by Qt
> grep emit qobjectdefs.h
> #define emit                                    // emit signal

So Rene, we have probably it ...
The ROOT file does not include any Qt header files ... but the
application, I work on, does ... (as a result, mixing ROOT with Qt is a
bit dangerous, as I can see now ...)
Possibly a careful ordering of include files could solve this problem in
the case I met now, but ... there may easily be "nested" includes, so
sooner or later ... "emit" problem will appear again ...
Taking into account that the magic name "emit" appears only in one ROOT
include file (TGButton.h) ... would it be possible that you change it?

Thanks in advance,
Best regards,

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