Re: [ROOT] ROOT 4.01/04

From: Fons Rademakers (
Date: Sat Nov 20 2004 - 02:38:16 MET

Till somebody does:

#define xemitx ....

We just should find and destroy all trivial defines, like emit. They are 
evil and should not allow to persist. If you need to use defines use some 
non-trivial name, like:

R__xxxxx, X__xxxx__, G___xxxx, etc. and make sure that the scope is 
limited, i.e. try to avoid header files.

We will not change emit in one header, because that is just fixing the 
symptom and not the cause.

-- Fons

Jacek M. Holeczek wrote:
> Valeri,
> Many thanks for your help.
> I think your hint (and Fons'es) is right ...
> I don't really want to "search" now where this redefinition comes from ...
> (Anyhow, it's almost 2 a.m. here now :-)
> There are exactly 12 (twelve) places in 8 (eight) lines in 1 (one) ROOT
> include file (TGButton.h) to be changed ... from "emit" int "xemitx" ...
> And the problem is gone FOREVER ...
> Best regards,
> Jacek.

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