From: Rene Brun (
Date: Sat Nov 20 2004 - 09:02:05 MET

Hi jacek,

I assume that you would like to see these files visible somewhere
from our VMC pages?

Rene brun

On Thu, 
18 Nov 2004, Jacek M. Holeczek wrote:

> Hi,
> I have finally been able to get everything running ... (again :-)
> Please find attached the file :
> 	geant4.6.2.p02.ROOT.fix.tar.gz
> which is prepared for the "current" G4 release (and Linux-g++), but it
> should be very easy to "back-port" it to any G4 release one uses (no
> ROOT specific modifications at all, no dependency on ROOT at all).
> The best would be to make a fresh G4 installation, copy the changed files
> from the attached archive and make a new "Configure -install" in G4.
> All the source code will then be recompiled with "-pthread" option on.
> (Note that ... these fixes are prepared for Linux-g++, a similar fix is
> needed for the MacOS specific "gmk" file ... you'll need to do it
> yourself : just in the end of this file add "-pthread" options to all
> relevant compiler flags, as it is done in "Linux-g++.gmk". Most probably,
> no other systems are affected.)
> After the G4 is recompiled with the provided fixes, try the novice example
> N03 (geant4.6.2.p02/examples/novice/N03). Just "cd" to its subdirectory,
> do "make" and start the executable "$G4WORKDIR/bin/$G4SYSTEM/exampleN03".
> If it starts and works, everything is fine ...
> If it starts, opens two windows (one G4UIXm, the other one OGLIX) and
> suddenly both windows get frozen/grey and you cannot work any more ...
> then you have a problem with your GL libraries.
> See the recent roottalk mail :
> Follow the advice present there and install the current Mesa GL 6.2.
> Then, destroy the previously created G4 objects and libraries and make a
> new "Configure -install" in G4 (giving it the new GL "home").
> This should cure the problem with novice example N03 ... (and many more :-)
> Finally ... up to now ... one was advised NOT to use threads in ROOT
> together with G4. From now on .... it seems we NEED them, at least on two
> systems, i.e. Linux and MacOS.
> As a consequence, one should carefully inspect ones makefiles and/or
> scripts that make/create ones libraries/applications.
> I'm sure there are lines in form :
> 	ROOTLIBS := $(filter-out -lThread,$(ROOTLIBS))
> 	ROOTLIBS := $(filter-out -lpthread,$(ROOTLIBS))
> These lines should now be REMOVED (or at least commented out)!
> (Note also ... instead of compiling G4 with "-pthread", you could also try
> to compile ROOT WITHOUT thread support on these two systems. This solution
> has not been tried by me, though. I believe there are good reasons to
> follow the ROOT's team decision to use threads on Linux and MacOS.)
> Last, but not least ... I should explicitly thank Rene, Fons, Guy
> Barrand, Ivana and Peter Gumplinger for their help in getting all this
> stuff running again (I hope I didn't forget anybody's name in this list).
> Hope it helps,
> Best regards,
> Jacek.

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